Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

It is our commitment to make SEAS a welcoming, safe, and supportive community for all students. It is our mission to foster equity, diversity, and inclusion to support the academic success and engagement of all members of our community. It is through this lens that we plan to cultivate successful leaders from the SEAS community and beyond.

SEAS Together Initiative

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Students often see the word diversity and think it does not apply to them. However, we can all work together to make sure that SEAS is a safe, comfortable, and supportive community inclusive of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression for all undergraduate students. The SEAS Together Initiative, formerly known as the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, was rebranded to ensure that all SEAS students know that we all work together to support each other and to give each student a voice.

SEAS Together Student Committee

The SEAS Together Committee is made up of undergraduate students within SEAS who are committed to the mission of the initiative. The committee develops programs to help build community, acts as a forum to discuss issues that impact underrepresented students, and advocates for all students both inside and outside of the classroom. The committee key in helping to bridge the gap between SEAS administration and SEAS undergraduate students by meeting regularly with the SEAS Dean’s Office. If you are interested in joining the SEAS Together committee, please contact: [email protected].


Photo of Camille Daszynski

Camille Daszynski

Coordinator for SEAS Together


Photo of Alexis Renderos

Alexis Renderos

Student Chair for SEAS Together


Photo of Najja Ogundiran

Najja Ogundiran

Staff Advisor for SEAS Together


Photo of Ekundayo Shittu

Ekundayo Shittu

Faculty Advisor for SEAS Together


Photo of Alexa

Alexa is a junior from Prescott, Arizona. She is pursuing a degree in Systems Engineering concentrated in Data Analytics with a minor in Business Administration. Alexa studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland at University College Dublin in the Spring of 2020. At GW, she is a core mentor for the Girls Global Academy and a member of SEASSPAN. Alexa has also been involved in research, INCOSE, Society of Women Engineers, and Alpha Omega Epsilon. During the summer of 2019, she was a teaching assistant for a systems modeling laboratory for economic decisions.

Photo of Alexander

Alexander is a junior from Miami, FL, studying mechanical engineering with an aerospace concentration. He is part of GW’s fencing club and practices martial arts and photography. Alexander spent his Spring 2020 semester studying abroad at Queen Mary University of London. He is the former secretary for the GW chapter of AIAA and the Propulsion Lead for GW's Design Build Fly team. During the summer of 2019 he interned with Advanced Aerodynamics, LLC, in Hallandale Beach, FL, where he assisted in prototyping small ship propulsion systems. He aims to leverage the unique professional engineering opportunities DC has to offer while also promoting an inclusive environment for all students through SEAS Together and the university as a whole.

Photo of Alexis

Alexis is a junior from Fairfax, Virginia. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering, concentrating in Aerospace Engineering. His family is from Chile, and he is a First-Generation student. At GW, he is the co-committee chair for SEAS Together, a mentor through the School of Engineering and Applied Science Student Peer Advisory Network, and an Undergraduate Research Fellow. He is also a member of the GW American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Branch and the GW Design, Build, Fly team. He believes that learning from and acknowledging different perspectives leads to a better working and learning environment. As a First-Generation Latino student, he believes students should feel supported and included within an academic environment. It can be difficult for students to succeed in engineering when they do not receive the needed support and opportunities. One of his goals is to make sure no student feels left behind and help create a more inclusive environment within SEAS.

Photo of Bender

Bender is a sophomore from Naperville, Illinois. He is studying Biomedical Engineering and is on the varsity water polo team at GW. Bender wants to join SEAS Together to continue building relationships. With the help of this committee, Bender wants to build a better community for everybody to enjoy and succeed in.

Photo of Bezawit

Bezawit is a junior from Arlington, VA pursuing a major in biomedical engineering and a minor in electrical engineering. Over the past two years, she has been an active member of the GW’s National Society of Black Engineers chapter, and serves as the Vice President of Administration of the organization for the upcoming academic year. Bezawit plans to get involved in research labs on campus in the coming fall and spring semesters, and pursue an internship before starting her senior year. She joined the SEAS Together Committee because she hopes to make long-lasting change that helps all students in the long run, and believes it’s important to work through all the flaws that make students feel like they don’t have a place in SEAS rather than trying to placate them temporarily as to postpone or avoid hard conversations.

Photo of Cassell

Cassell is a junior from Washington DC majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Astrophysics and Astronomy. Cassell’s strong admiration for Astronomy and Physics drives his passion to work on software to improve the way we understand and think about physics and space. Cassell is a member of the National Society of Black Engineers and the Association of Computing Machinery. Cassell is looking forward to becoming a part of the SEAS Together Committee to develop ideas to support minorities within the SEAS community and improve the way SEAS embraces new minority students.

Photo of Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a sophomore undergraduate student studying Biomedical Engineering. He is a Posse Leadership Scholar from Atlanta, GA and his family is from Ethiopia. He is a member of the Black Student Union, GW Ethiopian - Eritrean Student Association, National Society for Black Engineers, as well as The Black Men’s Initiative. He is excited to be on the SEAS Together Committee as he knows he can bring a very important yet neglected perspective, which is that of the Black engineer and the 1st generation student within SEAS. Students should walk into SEAS with a sense of inclusivity and walk out with the same feeling. He believes that our future is incredibly bright, but believes that it’s bright when everyone is in it.

Photo of Gabriella

Gabriella is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in electrical engineering. She was born in Venezuela, raised in Puerto Rico, and spent her high school years in Germany. She is a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon an engineering sorority. As a Hispanic woman in STEM, she values diversity and inclusion and looks forward to using her unique experiences to provide insight and support to others.

Photo of Kelsey

Meet Kelsey, a junior biomedical engineer with a double minor in biology and psychology. She is currently involved in the professional sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon and serves as the Social Media Coordinator for George Hacks, a healthcare innovation org. Recently, she started working full-time in a Covid-19 testing facility run by Curative Inc in order to assist with the ongoing pandemic. Kelsey is honored to be a part of the SEAS Together committee that promotes diversity and inclusion. Kelsey strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their desired career and goals with no limiting factors based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or characteristics of the sort. Her goal is to assist students in gaining resources that will make it possible for students to break through these harsh yet realistic barriers that may occur.

Photo of Lucy

Lucy is a junior from Randolph, MA. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. She is currently the pre-college initiative chair for the National Society of Black Engineers as well as the director of community service for Black Women’s Forum. Throughout the school year, Lucy works as a tutor with DC public schools. During the summer of 2020, she worked on a committee in her local community to help organize discussion forums surrounding the black lives matter movement. She joined this organization to be a voice for minority students in SEAS. She hopes to help create an inclusive and welcoming environment that will provide all SEAS students with the support they need.

Photo of Makeda

Makeda is a sophomore from Alexandria, VA. She is pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering with plans to double minor in Electrical Engineering and Business Analytics. At GW, she is currently the treasurer of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the content development chair for George Hacks, and a co-professional development chair for the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES). In addition to these organizations, Makeda is also a part of Professor Kay’s research lab. As a first-generation American and college student, it has always been important for her to be able to surround herself with a strong support system. She believes that having a community that accepts diversity and is open to having productive discussions to achieve positive changes is key to garnering an environment for students to succeed. This is the type of community that she hopes to achieve as a member of this committee so that all SEAS students feel accepted regardless of their background.

Photo of Mandy

Mandy is a sophomore from St. Mary’s County, MD, studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in aerospace and a minor in math. She is the treasurer of the GW Branch of AIAA, a design lead on the Design, Build, Fly team, a member of GW Balance, and an undergraduate research assistant in the LeBlanc Lab. During the summer of 2020 she interned at ABSI Aerospace & Defense and taught ballet and contemporary dance at her local dance studio. She is passionate about the intersection of technicality and creativity and aims to bring an innovative perspective to every problem she encounters. As a woman and a member of the LGBT+ community, she has always been passionate about diversity and equity in academia and industry, which is why she’s so excited to promote those things within SEAS and amplify minority voices.


Matthew is a sophomore from Ellicott City, MD. He is studying computer science and interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Throughout high school, Matthew was granted with various internship and professional experience opportunities. At the Johns Hopkins Hospital, he studied under the Anesthesiology department for three years, examining the E.R.A.S. protocol for minimally invasive surgery and the DaVinci surgical robot. At the Johns Hopkins Miller Research Building, he heavily researched DNA methylation and its capabilities of signaling terminal illnesses such as cancer under the guidance of the pathology team. He hopes to utilize his computer science capabilities to facilitate medical procedures, including surgery. I am committed to the SEAS Together committee as I hope to improve our campus by making it more welcoming to all and for every student to feel as though they have the resources available for them to feel comfortable as they make their transition into a new environment.

Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie is a junior from Westwood, MA, pursuing a major in biomedical engineering. Stephanie is passionate about the intersection of biomedical engineering and healthcare inequality and hopes to resolve these gaps in minority communities in the future. At GW, Stephanie is a member of the Alpha Omega Epsilon sorority for women in engineering and technical sciences. She also serves on the executive board for the GW chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.

Photo of Syrine

Syrine is a junior from Tunisia. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. At GW, she is actively involved in the robotics team. In addition to her involvement in SEAS, she served as a student administrative assistant at the International Services Office. In the Summer of 2019, Syrine studied abroad at Korea University in Seoul, Korea where she was selected to give the commencement speech as the student body representative. Outside of GW, Syrine is interested in photography, travelling and digital art. Syrine is excited to be part of the SEAS Together Committee and give back to her community. As a woman engineer, she aspires to provide her fellow peers with resources to support them academically and personally. She is willing to share her experiences and ideas with the committee to help foster diversity at SEAS.

SEAS Together Community Resource Hub

In SEAS, we are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive community for all. Therefore, the SEAS Together Community Resource Hub is a compilation of resources and organizations in order to help students build connections. Although the list of resources are broad and diverse, we acknowledge that they do not include all available organizations on campus that foster equity, diversity, and inclusion. If you have any suggestions or would like to request an addition to this growing list, please contact us at [email protected].

Being an Ally and Advocate

We can all work together to build a community that is safe and inclusive for all. As an ally and advocate it is important we are open and continuously learning. Therefore we compiled some educational resources on a variety of topics under the umbrella of equity, diversity, and inclusion for you to begin or continue your journey. If you have any suggestions or would like to request an addition to this growing list, please contact us at [email protected].

Resources to Help You Succeed

GW and SEAS offer students a number of free academic and career resources. We recommend that you use these resources to help you make the most of your college experience.

Whether you are a prospective undergraduate considering applying to GW or current SEAS undergraduate who is looking for funding for your undergraduate study or considering applying to graduate study, we have information on scholarships and fellowships that may be appropriate for you. Visit our Financial Aid and Scholarships page to learn more

To ensure all members of our community feel welcome, GW has two approaches to the name change policy which includes (1) GWeb (Class Rosters and Blackboards), GWorld, and GWmail; and (2) transcripts, graduation papers, and other official documents. These processes are outlined below:

Changes to GWeb, GWorld, and GWMail

  • Log onto GWeb -> CLICK “Student Record and Registration” -> CLICK “Student Records Information Menu” ->  CLICK “View/Update Preferred First Name” -> Add your preferred name and save it.
  • Contact the GWorld Office  and be sure to have your old GWorld available. Tell them you’d like to update your GWorld to match your preferred name (for FREE). They will review with you the process from there.
  • After the update has been made in GWeb, you can email GWIT via [email protected] and request your email account be updated to match your preferred name.

Transcripts, Diploma, and Employment Records

In order to change your name on your transcripts, diploma, or employment records, you must legally change your name. After a legal name change is documented, your name can be changed on all official documents. If you are an alumnus, you can also request an updated diploma with your current legal name. For both, you will need to fill out the Request For Name Update form. After the form is complete, contact the Office of the Registrar and a university official will review with you the rest of the process.

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