Synergy 2017

Synergy 2017

More news about the accomplishments of SEAS students, faculty, and alumni is available in the latest issue of Synergy magazine.

News & Events

GW’s Science and Engineering Hall is more than an impressive new structure on campus—this 500,000 gross square-foot building is changing the way we work at SEAS.  Find out how


DavaHuman Exploration from Inner to Outer Space: The 2017 Frank Howard Lecture
Dr. Dava Newman, former NASA deputy administrator, presented the 2017 Frank Howard Lecture at SEAS, highlighting recent space science missions to Pluto and Jupiter along with earth observation missions. 



Professor Park’s robot helps autistic children build social skills  
Biomedical engineering professor Chung Hyuk Park’s research with robots is catching people’s attention.  


Professor Efimov and colleagues team up on cardiac arrhythmia research 
Professor Igor Efimov, chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, is working closely with faculty from top engineering schools on two new grants with total funding of more than $8 million.

NSF awards a CAREER grant to Professor Liang
On first thought, extreme space weather may not seem particularly relevant to us on Earth, but solar storms that travel through space have the potential to create extensive damage to power grids on Earth and satellites circling it. 

Engineering with Soul: The 2016 Frank Howard Lecture  
Dr. Bernard Amadei, the founding president of Engineers Without Borders – USA and the Mortenson Endowed Chair in Global Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder, gave the 2016 Frank Howard Distinguished Lecture on April 26 at SEAS. 



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