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Deans & Aides | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

Dean John Lach 4-6080 [email protected]
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Rumana Riffat 4-8323 [email protected]
Associate Dean for Research Lijie Grace Zhang 4-8323 [email protected]
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Jason Zara 4-8323 [email protected]
Special Assistant to the Dean Sandra Little 4-5411 [email protected]
Executive Associate Marilyn Shazier 4-8323 [email protected]
Data Information Specialist Dominique Howell 4-7179 [email protected]
Interim Director, Innovation Center Erica Wortham 858-248-5322 [email protected]

Graduate Admissions & Student Services | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

Executive Director of Graduate Admissions & Enrollment Management Brittany Wright 4-2314 [email protected]
Senior Associate Director, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions Erin Vogt 4-0457 [email protected]
Senior Associate Director, Graduate Enrollment & Student Services Matt Hansen-Kuder 4-1802 [email protected]
Associate Director, Admissions and International Partnerships Katherine Hugins 4-1802 [email protected]
Senior Graduate Professional Advisor Zachary Horne 4-1802 [email protected]
Senior Graduate Professional Advisor Jas Jefferies 4-1802 [email protected]
Data Management Coordinator Christopher Coles 4-3346 [email protected]
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions Austin Reading 4-1802 [email protected]
Program Manager Dawn Ginnetti 4-1802 [email protected]

Undergraduate Student Services and Advising | Science & Engineering Hall 2500

Director Jonathan Ragone 4-7133 [email protected]
Assistant Director for Academic Advising Najja Ogundiran 4-1213 [email protected]
Senior Professional Academic Advisor Kendra Lewis   [email protected]
Dean's Fellow Rishi Jarmarwala 4-1796 [email protected]
Graduate Administrative Fellow Zachary Stecher 4-7419

[email protected]

Academic Advising Fellow Alexandra Cintron Jimenez 4-6158 [email protected]

SEAS Clark Scholars Program | Science & Engineering Hall 2870

Director Murray Snyder 4-4706 [email protected]

SEAS Human Resources | Science & Engineering Hall 2965

Human Resources Manager Marion Flythe 4-0697 [email protected]

SEAS Finance | Science & Engineering Hall

Finance Director Aida Cavalic 4-2341 [email protected]
Supervisor, Accounting Shiju Varghese 4-6430 [email protected]
Senior Financial Analyst Fatimata Zongo 4-1890 [email protected]
Financial Analyst Shershah Wahidi 4-2050 [email protected]
Finance Associate Francis Oquaye 4-8938 [email protected]
Finance Associate Pellumbesha Myslymi 4-7284 [email protected]

Communications | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

SEAS Marketing and Communications Director

Lauren Benning-Williams   [email protected]
SEAS Web Lead Sierra Gabriel   [email protected]

Career Services | Science & Engineering Hall 2730

Director Chalvonna Smith Teachey 4-4205 [email protected]
SEAS Career Services Fellow Carolina Rivas Salgado 4-4205 [email protected]
Senior Career Counselor Jessica Palermo   [email protected]
Student Ambassador Phanindra Vantipalli   [email protected]
Student Ambassador Samiat Kwaning   [email protected]
Student Ambassador Nina Burris   [email protected]


General Inquiries [email protected]
Praxis Inquiries [email protected]

Development and Alumni Relations | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

Director, Development Whitney Sweat 4-4051 [email protected]
Associate Director, Development Patrick White 4-4121 [email protected]
Associate Director, Alumni Relations Sarah Lyon 4-1858 [email protected]
Senior Administrative Associate Sarah Coloma 4-8474 [email protected]

Center for Women in Engineering | Tompkins Hall 101

Director Dr. Rachelle Heller 4-0846 [email protected]
Program Manager Dawn Ginnetti 4-1802 [email protected]


Research Pod 3 (SEAS Contacts)| Science & Engineering Hall 

Supervisor for Pre-Award Julia Bellafiore 4-0686 [email protected]
Research Program Manager (CEE, CS, MAE post-award) Melissa Frank 4-0297 [email protected]
Research Program Associate (BME, EMSE post-award) Candy Butler 4-8453 [email protected]
School Research Administrator (ECE post-award) Anthony Hall 4-1681 [email protected]
School Research Administrator - CEE, EEMI, EMSE, MAE Flavie Chauleu   [email protected]