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Deans & Aides | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

Professor and Interim Dean Rumana Riffat 4-8323 [email protected]
Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Yin-Lin Shen 4-5995 [email protected]
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies Can Korman 4-8323 [email protected]
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Services Bhagi Narahari 4-8323 [email protected]
Special Assistant to the Dean Sandra Little 4-5411 [email protected]
Executive Aide Michael Veedock 4-1020 [email protected]
Executive Associate Marilyn Shazier 4-8323 [email protected]
Data Information Specialist Dominique Howell 4-7179 [email protected]
Chief Evangelist, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Invention Annamaria Konya Tannon 4-6080 [email protected]

Graduate Admissions & Student Services | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

Director of Graduate Admissions & Enrollment Management Brittany Wright 4-2314 [email protected]
Associate Director, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions Erin Vogt 4-0457 [email protected]
Associate Director, Graduate Advising & Student Services Matt Kuder 4-1802 [email protected]
Assistant Director, Graduate Marketing & Recruiting Mackenzie Albach 4-0488 [email protected]
Graduate Professional Advisor Topher Bryant 4-1802 [email protected]
Graduate Professional Advisor Madison Gregory 4-1802 [email protected]
Graduate Professional Advisor Jessica Williams 4-1802 [email protected]
Data Management Coordinator Christopher Coles 4-3346 [email protected]
Graduate Admissions & International Services Coordinator Katherine Hugins 4-1802 [email protected]
Graduate Recruitment & Admissions Officer Austin Reading 4-1802 [email protected]

Undergraduate Student Services and Advising | Science & Engineering Hall 2500

Director Jonathan Ragone 4-7133 [email protected]
Professional Advisor Dawn Ginetti 4-7609 [email protected]
Professional Advisor Marissa Hickman 4-8196 [email protected]
Professional Advisor Najja Quail 4-3050 [email protected]
Dean's Fellow Marcel Isper 4-1796 [email protected]
Graduate Administrative Fellow Richie Beck 4-7419

[email protected]

SEAS Clark Scholars Program | Science & Engineering Hall 2870

Director Murray Snyder 4-4706 [email protected]

SEAS Human Resources | Science & Engineering Hall 2965

Human Resources Manager Marion Flythe 4-0697 [email protected]

SEAS Finance | Science & Engineering Hall

SEAS Finance Director Allison Benner 4-3932 [email protected]
Assistant Finance Director Miki Hayashi 4-2341 [email protected]
Senior Accountant Tanya Weber 4-7641 [email protected]
Fiscal Operations Supervisor Shiju Varghese 4-6430 [email protected]
Finance Associate Francis Oquaye 4-8938 [email protected]
Finance Associate Pellumbesha Myslymi 4-7284 [email protected]

Research Administrators | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

Manager - Research Administrators Jessica Hanff 4-2606 [email protected]
School Research Administrator Michael Burdan 4-7391 [email protected]
School Research Administrator Cortnie Cogan 4-7987 [email protected]
School Research Administrator Mona Hinds 4-0927 [email protected]
School Research Administrator Aaron Koppel 4-7385 [email protected]

Communications | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

Director Joanne Welsh 4-2050 [email protected]
Communications Assistant Jordan Askey 4-4349 [email protected]
Communications Assistant Avalon Potter 4-4349 [email protected]

Career Services | Science & Engineering Hall 2730

Director Chalvonna Smith 4-4205 [email protected]
Senior Career Counselor Kendra Northington 4-4205 [email protected]
Career Counselor Brian Yeagley 4-4205 [email protected]
SEAS Career Services Fellow Amber Samuels 4-4205 [email protected]
Career Services Ambassador Sanantha Horton 4-4205 [email protected]
Career Services Ambassador Sean Zha 4-4205 [email protected]

Development | Science & Engineering Hall 2885

Assistant Vice President Deanah McLeod 4-6059 [email protected]
Senior Associate Director for Development Buthaina Shukri 4-4121 [email protected]
Associate Director, Development & Alumni Relations Durriyyah Jackson 4-4036 [email protected]
Assistant Director, Donor Relations Carolynn Lodge 4-8506 [email protected]
Senior Administrative Associate Sarah Coloma 4-8474 [email protected]

Computing Facility | Science & Engineering Hall B2600

Director Raoul Gabiam 4-5968 [email protected]
Assistant Director Jason Hurlburt 4-9385 [email protected]
Executive Coordinator Jovial McSears 4-4914 [email protected]
Service Desk Supervisor Brigitte Comer 4-9391 [email protected]
Information Systems Engineer Marco Suarez 4-3206 [email protected]
Information Systems Engineer Liem Nguyen 4-0597 [email protected]
Technical Support Associate Monica Rigucci 4-4050 [email protected]
SEAS Computing Facility HelpDesk   4-0123 [email protected]