Undergraduate Research Options

In addition to the internships offered at federal laboratories, research institutions, and high-tech companies in the area, SEAS students can also take advantage of undergraduate research opportunities with our faculty members. Some have even performed research aboard NASA's "Weightless Wonder" microgravity airplane.

GW-SEAS Microgravity Team Flies Aboard NASA's "Weightless Wonder"

Each year, NASA selects a small number of university teams from across the nation and invites them to the Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston, Texas, where they have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to board the "Weightless Wonder," a micro-gravity airplane, and conduct tests in micro-gravity conditions on experiments of their own design.

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Matthew Wilkins

Matt Wilkins is no stranger to research. Since the summer after his sophomore year, he has conducted electrophysiology research with Professor Matthew Kay of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Together, they have been working to develop instrumentation that is faster, cheaper, and less invasive than current technology to monitor the way electrical currents travel through the heart's cells. Learn more about Matt

Hannah Stuart

Hannah Stuart took full advantage of a range of research activities as a SEAS student. Her research took her both out of the country and out of this world, so to speak. And in the process, she won the undergraduate prize at the annual SEAS Student Research and Development Showcase. Learn more about Hannah


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