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Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a highlight of your undergraduate career, and SEAS encourages our students to expand their education globally. The majority of SEAS students study abroad during their 4th semester (spring of their sophomore year). However, we typically encourage computer science majors to study in their 6th semester (spring of their junior year).

Properly preparing for a semester abroad is very important and will help you make the most of your time overseas. Because of the very structured nature of the various engineering and computer science curricula, you should have a clear understanding of the courses you need to take and where you can find them abroad. Students should work closely with their faculty advisors to map out their study abroad courses and their four-year plan.

Throughout the study abroad process, you will work with the Office for Study Abroad, your SEAS professional advisor, and your faculty advisor. To begin your initial preparation for study abroad, please view the SEAS Abroad Prezi.  


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Why should I study abroad?

There are unlimited reasons why you should study abroad while you are a student at GW! But some of the most valuable reasons include:

  • Broadening your firsthand experience with other worldviews
  • Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Gaining new insights and perspectives while building new relationships
  • Discovering new talents and career interests
  • Expanding your employment qualifications and opportunities
  • Engaging with engineering students in an international setting

Who do I talk to about studying abroad?

Visit the Office for Study Abroad in Colonial Crossroads (Marvin Center, 5th Floor) 

OSA advising services (and office hours)

OSA can assist you with:

  • Discussing program types, location, and culture abroad
  • How to narrow down programs and discussing your goals in relation to studying abroad
  • Tier structure/financing study abroad and scholarship opportunities
  • How to transfer credits back to GW
  • Application information and deadlines

Please visit Study Abroad Express Advising or Open Advising hours before scheduling an appointment with Vanessa Rappleyea-Otto, OSA’s advisor for SEAS students.  

Work with both your SEAS faculty advisors and professional advisors in the SEAS Office of Undergraduate Student Services, Advising and Records. 
Advising hours and appointments

Your SEAS advisors can assist you with:

  • Reviewing your degree requirements
  • Seeing if/when study abroad is an option with your curriculum
  • Suggesting which courses to look for abroad and which courses to reserve for GW
  • Finding resources for the course approval process
  • Completing your Undergraduate Advising Form for Study Abroad for the semester you will be abroad

Where can I study abroad?

A number of GW-approved programs offer potential study abroad options for students. You can explore a full list of your study abroad program options in GW Passport. Examples of programs in which SEAS students have studied in the past include:

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What is a SEAS core program?

SEAS and the Korea University College of Engineering in Seoul, South Korea have partnered together to support a special exchange program for undergraduate students studying engineering or computer science. This exchange program is referred to as a core program. To learn more about the program, visit the Korea University page on the GW Office for Study Abroad’s website.

All students interested in applying to study abroad at Korea University will work with the Office for Study Abroad to open the Korea University application in GW Passport.

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