Meet Your Academic Advisor

The Office of Undergraduate Student Services and Advising is the home of the professional advising team and we are here to help you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us as we are happy to assist. Additionally, since every sophomore, junior, and senior in SEAS has a faculty advisor their contact information is below for easy access.

Contact us at: [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-537-SEAS or 202-994-6158

Visit us at: Science & Engineering Hall - Suite 2500


Jonathan Ragone is the director of undergraduate student services, advising, and records for the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Jonathan comes to SEAS from Stony Brook University in New York, where he formerly was the associate director for undergraduate colleges. During his career, Jonathan has worked in both student and academic affairs, while holding a variety of positions as a residence hall director, assistant director for college housing, academic coordinator for the graduate program in public health, and associate director for undergraduate colleges.

Jonathan received a Bachelor of Science in biology and Master of Arts in liberal studies with a concentration in human resources and education. Additionally, Jonathan has taught undergraduate courses on leadership as part of the Living Learning Center for Leadership Development and its associated academic minor.

Advises: Computer Science and Engineering-Undecided as well as Prospective students

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Najja Ogundiran is one of the senior professional advisors that makes up the SEAS undergraduate advising team. Najja received her undergraduate degree in English from Howard University and a law degree from Stetson University. She has experience in academic advising and financial aid.

Najja currently helps to coordinate our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for undergraduate students in SEAS via the SEAS Together committee and advises our first-year mentor program, SEASSPAN.

Advises: Applied Science + Technology ( Last Name F-Z), Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Systems Engineering (Last Name F-Z) as well as Prospective and Undecided students

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Cody Dunn is one of the senior professional advisors that makes up the SEAS undergraduate advising team. Cody received his Bachelor’s from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied computer science. He worked for several years as a software developer before earning a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Boston University. He has experience working with undecided and first-year students.  

Cody currently helps to coordinate our first-year and transfer student orientation programs and is our liaison to the GW Study Abroad office.

Advises: Applied Science + Technology (Last Name A-E), Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Systems Engineering (Last Name A-E) as well as Prospective and Undecided students

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Alexandra Cintrón Jiménez is the advisor for Computer Science double major and minor students outside of SEAS. Alexandra received her Bachelor’s degree (ESL Education) at the University of Puerto Rico. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development in International Education with a focus on Higher Education. She has experience in academic advising through Summer Academy.  


Advises: Computer Science minors and double major students outside of SEAS

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Faculty Advisors by Major

igor efimov
Professor Igor Efimov
SEH 5600
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Emilia Entcheva
Professor Emilia Entcheva
SEH 5660
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Matthew Kay
Professor Matthew Kay
SEH 5670
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Zhenyu Li
Professor Zhenyu Li
SEH 5590
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Murray Loew
Professor Murray Loew
SEH 6660
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Luyao Lu
Professor Luyao Lu
SEH 6665
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Anne-Laure Papa
Professor Anne-Laure Papa
SEH 5665
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Chung Hyuk Park
Professor Chung Hyuk Park
SEH 6655
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Jason Zara
Professor Jason Zara
SEH 5610
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Vesna Zderic
Professor Vesna Zderic
SEH 6670
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Sameh S. Badie
Professor Sameh S. Badie
SEH 3830
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Leila Farhadi
Professor Leila Farhadi
SEH 3850
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Samer Hamdar
Professor Samer Hamdar
SEH 3810
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Tianshu Li
Professor Tianshu Li
SEH 3850
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Kim Roddis
Professor Kim Roddis
SEH 3860
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Danmeng Shuai
Professor Danmeng Shuai
SEH 3530
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Pedro Silva
Professor Pedro Silva
SEH 3820
[email protected]
Professor Amrinder Arora
[email protected]
Photo of Professor Hyeong-Ah Choi
Professor Hyeong-Ah Choi
SEH 5850
[email protected]
Kinga Dobolyi
Professor Kinga Dobolyi
SEH 4655
[email protected]
Photo of Professor Rachelle Heller
Professor Rachelle Heller
SEH 4615
[email protected]
Photo of Professor Pless
Professor Robert Pless
SEH 4000C
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Taylor
Professor James Taylor
SEH 4665
[email protected]
Photo of Professor Vora
Professor Poorvi Vora
SEH 4610
[email protected]
Amir Aslani
Professor Amir Aslani
SEH 5050
[email protected]
Professor Tom Mazzuchi
Professor Tom Mazzuchi
SEH 2630
[email protected]
Photo of Professor Santos
Professor Joost Santos
SEH 2830
[email protected]
Professor James Lee
Professor James Lee
SEH 4630
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Charles Garris
Professor Charles Garris
SEH 4640
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Michael Keidar
Professor Michael Keidar
SEH 3550
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Yin-Lin Shen
Professor Yin-Lin Shen
SEH 3630
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Philipe Bardet
Professor Philipe Bardet
SEH 3580
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Lijie Grace Zhang
Professor Lijie Grace Zhang
SEH 3590
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Murray Snyder
Professor Murray Snyder
SEH 2870
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Elias Balaras
Professor Elias Balaras
SEH 3870
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Megan Leftwich
Professor Megan Leftwich
SEH 3880
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Kausik Sarkar
Professor Kausik Sarkar
SEH 4550
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Yongsheng Leng
Professor Yongsheng Leng
SEH 4660
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Taeyoung Lee
Professor Taeyoung Lee
SEH 3610
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Lorena Barba
Professor Lorena Barba
SEH 3620
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Santiago Solares
Professor Santiago Solares
SEH 3560
[email protected]

Photo of Professor Saniya LeBlanc
Professor Saniya LeBlanc
SEH 3570
sleb[email protected]