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ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Machine Learning on Social Network Platform”

BME Seminar: “Physical Biology at the Semiconductor-enabled Bio-interfaces”

BME Seminar: “Designing Robots for Human Interaction”

CSPRI Talk: “Leveraging the Cloud to Automate Threat Detection, Hunting and Mitigation Using Frameworks Like the NIST CSF and MITRE ATT&CK” Speaker: Darren House, WWPS Specialty SA – Security, Amazon

MAE Seminar: “Towards Building a Robust Computational Framework and Software Engineering Process for Simulations of Multiphysics and Multiscale Problems”

CS Lecture: “Using Virtual Reality to Visualize Disasters, Climate, and Extreme Weather Impacts”

GW AIAA: “A Panel Discussion on Climate Change: Engineering and Policy Issues”

MAE Seminar: “Recent Advances in Microgravity Fluid Mechanics with Application to Rocket Propulsion and Space Exploration”

CSPRI Talk (webinar): “DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and The Risk Management Framework (RMF) in Support of Government Agencies”

MAE Seminar: “Vascular Biomechanics at Multiple Scales towards the Prevention of In-stent Restenosis”

GW Research Showcase

CS Lecture: “Credit Card Fraud: Fighting the Bad Guys with Data”

CSPRI Webinar: “Case Study of World's largest Cyber-Heist at Central Bank of Bangladesh”

EMSE Environmental and Energy Management Institute Webinar: “Impact of COVID-19 on Energy Economics and Sustainability”

EEMI Webinar: “Leadership in Our Time”

BME Seminar: “Single Molecule Studies of Cell Membrane Remodeling: Implications for Cancer Metastasis”

CS Lecture: “Blockchain Computing: A New Era of Challenges and Opportunities”

CS Lecture: “Blockchain and Smart Contracts: The Concept, Architecture, Services, and Applications”

ECE Distinguished Lecture: “Processing Data Where It Makes Sense in Modern Computing Systems: Enabling In-Memory Computation”

CS Colloquium: "Human Factors in Mobile Authentication"

ECE Seminar: “Nonconvex Approaches for Data Science"

MAE Seminar: “Unraveling the Impact of Fluid-Structure Interactions on Hypersonic Flight”

CS Colloquium: "Trust and Accountability in Computer Systems"

MAE Seminar: "Quantifying roughness effects on frictional drag"

CS Colloquium: "Workflow-Centric Tracing and Automated Diagnosis Tools for the Cloud Ecosystem"

MAE Seminar: "Benchmark Experiments for CFD Modeling and Validation"

CS Colloquium: “Automated IoT Safety and Security Analysis”

CS Internet Distinguished Speaker Series: “Vint Cerf: The Unfinished Internet”

SEH WoW (What’s Our Work) Seminar Series

CS Lecture: “Credit Card Fraud: Fighting the Bad Guys with Data”

ECE Research Blitz

EMSE Seminar: “Visualizing Information”

CS Lecture: “The Basics of Recursive Programming”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Optimizing Device Placement in Machine Learning Workloads using Deep Reinforcement Learning”

BME Seminar: “Memristors for next generation neuromorphic computing applications”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “A Personal Review of Real-Time Computing"

CEE Seminar: “Stress and Pore Pressure in Mudrocks Bounding Salt Systems”

BME Seminar: “Graphene Biointerfaces for Optical Stimulation of Genetically Intact Cells”

CEE Seminar: “The Promise of Smart Materials in Earthquake Resistant Design”

CEE Seminar: “The Long and Winding Road: Predicting Molecular and Material Properties Through Computation”

MAE Seminar: "Bubble Deformation and Breakup in Strong Turbulence”

BME Seminar: “Modeling heart disease with human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes – challenges and advances”

MAE Seminar: "Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods and Numerical Applications"

MAE Seminar: “Laboratory-Scaled Experiments on Impulsively Loaded Structures in a Fluid Environment”

CEE Seminar: “Computational Nanoscience: Predicting the Shapes of Nanocrystals Grown in Solution”

CS Colloquium: “Robot Planning and Autonomous Driving"

CS/EMSE Seminar: “Towards Personalized Antidepressant Recommendations with Prediction-Constrained Topic Models”

MAE Seminar: “Material Characterization of Nanostructured Ferretic Alloy through Atomistic Modeling”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Transforming Science through Cyberinfrastructure"

MAE Seminar: “Unified Mechanics Theory: F=m a ((1-ϕ(s ̇ ))”

CS Colloquium: "Advances in Parallel Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems"

MAE Seminar: “Growth and Remodeling Soft Tissue Mechanics in Pregnancy"

MAE Seminar: “Model Predictive Control for Helicopter Ship Landing Operations”

MAE Seminar: “Analysis of charging dynamics relevant to magnetized-orbit dusty plasma confinement: Signature of gyrophase drift in space dust"

BME Seminar: “Behavior and Environmental Sensing and Intervention for Smart Health”

MAE Seminar: “Heterogeneous transport in porous media: from immiscible fluid displacement to cracking”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “The Internet of Tiny Things (IoT²): Challenges and Opportunities in mm-Scale Computing”

BME Seminar: "Magneto-Caloric Materials for Something Other than Refrigeration: Super-Resolution MRI and Neuro-Stimulation"

MAE Seminar: “Multi-Scale Modeling of Nonequilibrium Gas and Plasma with Applications to Hypersonics and Space Propulsion”

MAE Seminar: “Coupling between Geometry and Mechanics in Locomotion and Embryogenesis”

ECE Seminar: “Interactions between Communications and Computation in Emerging Systems”

BME Seminar: “Internal Models and the Neural Control of Prey Interception”

ECE Seminar: “Life on the Edge: Connecting Everyday Objects with Energy Harvesting and Fog Computing”

MAE Seminar: “Study of Interfacial Phenomena for Applications in the Development of Ceramic Materials and Biotechnologies”

ECE Seminar: “Interdependence of Control and Communications in Cyber Physical Systems: An Entropy Framework”

MAE Seminar: “Routing Problems Arising in Space Exploration”

ECE Seminar: “Signal Processing Advances for 5G”

ECE Seminar: “Latent Variable Identification Using Identifiable Matrix Factorization Models”

2018 SEAS R&D Showcase

MAE Seminar: “Towards Greener Aviation with Python at Petascale”

ECE Seminar: “Deep Learning for Action and Event Analysis in Videos”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Enhancing the Resilience of Large-Scale Electric Grids”

ECE Seminar: “Graphene and Dirac Materials beyond Graphene: Metamaterials and Plasmonics at Extreme Spectral Wavelengths"

BME Seminar: “Computational Anatomy and Diffeomorphometry: Embedding the Brain at Meso-scale into the Soft-Tissue Condensed Matter Continuum”

ECE Seminar: “From Gestures to Behavior: Understanding Human Behavior from Multimodal Signals”

ECE Seminar: “Magnetic Structures with Tunable Properties for Optomechanical and Biomedical Applications"

ECE Seminar: “From Devices to Systems: New MEMS-Components for Next Generation RF Platforms”

MAE Seminar: “Medical Devices at the Nanoscale: Using Structural DNA Nanotechnology for Nanobiosensing and Microrobot Self-Assembly”

ECE Seminar: “Chip-Scale Platforms for Long-Wavelength Nanophotonics: Frequency Combs, Spectrometers, and Beyond”

MAE Seminar: “Jet Formation and Control in Laser Induced Forward Transfer Printing of Liquid Inks”

BME Seminar: “Development of a Self-Powered Biosensing System”

BME Seminar: “Noninvasive Neural Interfacing and Therapies”

BME David Wang Distinguished Lecture: “Biologically Inspired Engineering: From Mechanotherapeutics to Human Organs-on-Chips”

MAE Seminar: “Cytomechanics: The Bridge between Biology and Engineering”

MAE Seminar: “Plasmonic Nanostructures for SERS Biosensing and Optoelectronic Devices”

CS Colloquium: “Approximate Acquisition and Computation of Big Sensory Data”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Programmable Forwarding Planes Are Here to Stay”

ECE Seminar: “Memory Bandwidth Management for Enhanced Throughput and Security in GPUs”

BME Seminar: “NIH/NIBIB: The Road to Successful Grant Applications”

BME Seminar: “Design and Engineering of Optoelectronics: from Energy Harvesting to Bio-Interfacing”

CEE Seminar: "Compatibility, hysteresis and the direct conversion of heat to electricity"

CEE Colloquium: “Gas Hydrates as a Problem or Solution to Energy Production and Storage”

ECE Distinguished Lecture: “High-Capacity Optical Communications Using Multiplexing of Multiple Orbital-Angular-Momentum Beams”

MAE Seminar: “Macroscopic Modeling of Microinertia Effects in Particulate Flows”

MAE Seminar: “Challenges and Opportunities in High-Order Finite Element Simulations of Fluid Mechanics”

MAE Seminar: "The Anatomy of a 2030's UUV: An Internally Biomimetic Soft-bodied UUV Propulsion System"

BME Seminar: “High-resolution, High-speed 3D Imaging and Applications”

MAE Seminar: “Functional Imaging Using Atomic Force Microscopy: Measuring Nanoscale Electronic and Chemical Properties of Materials”

CEE Seminar: “Polychlorinated biphenyls in the urban water cycle – historic or current sources?”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Functionalized Hybrid Nanomagnets: New Materials for Innovations in Energy Storage and Medical Theranostics”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Future Large-Scale Predictive Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges”

ECE Seminar: “Saving Energy in Information Processing and Communications with Optics”

MAE Seminar: “Entropy Stability and Finite Element Methods: Simulating Fluid Flows without Blow-Up"

GW BME DAY: “Innovations in Biomedical Engineering”

BME Seminar: “Photoacoustic Tomography: Omniscale Imaging from Organelles to Patients by Ultrasonically Beating Optical Diffusion”

ECE Seminar: “Deduplication-aware Architecture and System for Edge Computing”

ECE Research Blitz

MAE Seminar: "Development of Bio-inspired Platforms for Study of Fish Locomotion"

MAE Seminar: “TeeVR: Revolutionary VR Content Generation from the Real World"

CEE Seminar: "Topology Optimization: from Algorithmic Developments to Applications"

ECE Seminar: "Lazy Shadowing: A Versatile Resilience Scheme for Extreme Scale Systems"

MAE Seminar: “High-Order Computational Fluid Dynamics and Its Application to Thermal Fluids Flow Simulation”

CEE Seminar: “Antibiotic Fate in Photolytic Processes: Solar Irradiation of Agriculturally-Impacted Waters and UV-254 Treatment of Wastewater”

CEE Seminar: “Current Challenges Facing the Structural Engineering Community”

BME Seminar: "Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging and Therapeutics"

MAE Seminar: “A Computational Bifluid–Solid Mechanics Framework Dealing with Capillarity and Wetting Issues: Towards Void Formation and Permeability Predictions in LCM Processes”