CS Lecture: “Blockchain Computing: A New Era of Challenges and Opportunities”

Monday, February 11, 2019
3:30 pm
SEH, B1220

Speaker: Dr. Xiuzhen Cheng, Department of Computer Science, The George Washington University


With the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain has been gaining increasing attention from both academia and industry in recent years. There are two conflicting arguments that have been prevailing, with one stating that blockchain is a revolutionary technology that can do anything and the other claiming that blockchain is a tech bubble that will crash soon. In contrast to either view, I believe that the blockchain market before long will become rational, at which time novel blockchain computing based applications will thrive.  In this talk, I intend to answer the following questions: what are the key factors that enabled the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum? What is blockchain computing? What are the scenarios in which blockchain is uniquely needed?  What are the barriers that prevent blockchain applications from being extended beyond cryptocurrencies? How can they be overcome? I also will briefly introduce a few typical non-cryptocurrency blockchain applications, for the purpose of motivating new applications that could drive blockchain innovation.