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Upcoming Events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all SEAS events this semester will be virtual events.

2020 SEAS Student R&D Showcase

Friday, October 23
1:00 – 6:00 pm

Past Events

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Machine Learning on Social Network Platform”

BME Seminar: “Physical Biology at the Semiconductor-enabled Bio-interfaces”

Mentoring Presentation: “Mentors, Role Models, and Sponsors: How to Find One and How to Be One”

George Hacks Medical Solutions Hackathon 2020

Negotiation Workshop: “Getting What You Want and When to Say No”

MATLAB Workshop: Programming Basics I

BME Seminar: “Designing Robots for Human Interaction”

Study Abroad Information Session and Workshop

Raspberry Pi Workshop

MATLAB Workshop: Programming Basics II

Study Abroad Information Session and Workshop

Valentine's Day Themed Make-a-Thing: Open Studio @ GW Innovation Center

IDDP Event: “2020: A Disinformation Preview”

Study Abroad Information Session and Workshop

Women in Engineering Panel: “The World Beyond College: What it's Really Like to Be a Female Engineer”

CSPRI Talk: “Leveraging the Cloud to Automate Threat Detection, Hunting and Mitigation Using Frameworks Like the NIST CSF and MITRE ATT&CK” Speaker: Darren House, WWPS Specialty SA – Security, Amazon

MAE Seminar: “Towards Building a Robust Computational Framework and Software Engineering Process for Simulations of Multiphysics and Multiscale Problems”

MATLAB Workshop: Figures & 3D Plotting

CS Lecture: “Using Virtual Reality to Visualize Disasters, Climate, and Extreme Weather Impacts”

GW AIAA: “A Panel Discussion on Climate Change: Engineering and Policy Issues”

GW's STEM + Health Career Connection Fair

The Engineers' Ball

MATLAB Workshop: Linear Equation & ODE Solving

MAE Seminar: “Recent Advances in Microgravity Fluid Mechanics with Application to Rocket Propulsion and Space Exploration”

MATLAB Workshop: Image Processing and Toolboxes

Cancelled - Spring Break Python Camp

CS Research Talk: Helping Users to Authenticate Securely

Study Abroad Information Session and Workshop

4th Annual Women in STEM Breakfast

STEM Ice Cream Social

Study Abroad Information Session and Workshop

2nd Annual SEAS Welcome for Women in Engineering

GW Innovation Center Workshop: “Design Think Your Project”

ECE Talk: “Phase Transition for Nanophotonics”

ECE Talk: “Variation of GPU Power in Supercomputing Systems”

CEE Seminar: “North American Natural Gas: Market Evolution and Life Cycle Emissions Implications for the Global Power Sector”

EEMI: Department of Energy Clean Energy Talk


ECE Seminar: “One- and Two-Level Equilibrium Models in Energy”

SEH WoW Talk

OIE Event: Pitch’n in the Kitchen

BME Seminar: “Professional Opportunities in the Regulation of Diabetes Devices at FDA”

OIE Webinar: Where Do I Start?

Panel Discussion: “Science Unscripted: Origins of the Internet”

SEAS Student R&D Showcase

BME Seminar: “Bubbles and Sound for Diagnostic Imaging, Therapeutics and Tissue Engineering: Pressure Dependent Subharmonic to Collapsing Jet and Acoustic Streaming”

4th Annual BME Day: “Innovation in Biomedical Engineering”

CS Colloquium: “BurScale: Using Burstable Instances for Cost-Effective Autoscaling in the Public Cloud”

GW AIAA Student Branch Event

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Advanced 5G and SATCOM Phased-Arrays and UaV-Detection Radars Using Low-Cost Silicon Technologies: The End of the Marconi Era Is Near”

CVP Speaker Series @ GW: “Cybersecurity and Data Science: Partnering for the Future”

Software Carpentry Workshop: shell/git/Python

CSPRI Talk: “Cybersecurity for Connected and Automated Vehicles”

ECE Seminar: “Optimizing Storage on the Edge”

ECE Talk: “Optimization and Codesign of Power Electronics Converters”

NSF Innovation Corps Info Session

Panel Discussion: “Becoming an Entrepreneur: How to Harness Your Passion to Make Your Dream a Reality”

Webinars and Workshops: New Venture Competition 101

2019 George Hacks Medical Solutions Hackathon: “Innovation with a Social Impact”

Data Privacy Day Talk

Panel Discussion: “Life After Shark Tank: It’s Not Just About The Money”

BME Seminar: “Single Molecule Studies of Cell Membrane Remodeling: Implications for Cancer Metastasis”

GW Innovation Center: Inaugural Fast Fashion Textile Tech Hackathon

CS Lecture: “Blockchain Computing: A New Era of Challenges and Opportunities”

CS Lecture: “Blockchain and Smart Contracts: The Concept, Architecture, Services, and Applications”

ECE Distinguished Lecture: “Processing Data Where It Makes Sense in Modern Computing Systems: Enabling In-Memory Computation”

CS Colloquium: "Human Factors in Mobile Authentication"

ECE Seminar: “Nonconvex Approaches for Data Science"

MAE Seminar: “Unraveling the Impact of Fluid-Structure Interactions on Hypersonic Flight”

CS Colloquium: "Trust and Accountability in Computer Systems"

The Engineers Ball

MAE Seminar: "Quantifying roughness effects on frictional drag"

Panel and Pizza: "Do We Have a Failure to Communicate?"

CS Colloquium: "Workflow-Centric Tracing and Automated Diagnosis Tools for the Cloud Ecosystem"

MAE Seminar: "Benchmark Experiments for CFD Modeling and Validation"

Spring Break Python Camp

CS Colloquium: “Automated IoT Safety and Security Analysis”

CS Internet Distinguished Speaker Series: “Vint Cerf: The Unfinished Internet”

4th Annual GW Women in Engineering Professional Development Event: “Navigating Your Career”


SEH WoW (What’s Our Work) Seminar Series

CS Lecture: “Credit Card Fraud: Fighting the Bad Guys with Data”

ECE Research Blitz

EMSE Seminar: “Visualizing Information”

CS Lecture: “The Basics of Recursive Programming”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Optimizing Device Placement in Machine Learning Workloads using Deep Reinforcement Learning”

GW Technology Commercialization Office 2019 Innovation Competition: Call for Technologies and Poster Session Participants

BME Seminar: “Memristors for next generation neuromorphic computing applications”

GW New Venture Competition Finals

SEAS Graduate Advising and Student Services' Lunch & Learn: “Electricity Resilience to Black-Sky Hazards: Research Directions in the GW Smart Grid Laboratory”

CSPRI Talk: “IoT Security and TRUSTICA Framework”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “A Personal Review of Real-Time Computing"

Launch of the SEAS Center for Women in Engineering

ACM – CS Internet Distinguished Speaker Series: “How to (Not) Regulate the Internet”

Biomedical Engineering Society Alumni Networking Night

BME Senior Capstone Presentation

SEAS Graduate Student Send Off

SEAS Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

CSPRI Talk: “Opportunities to Get Involved in the Blockchain and Ethereum Community”

SEAS Senior Design Showcase

Pelton Award for Outstanding Senior Project and SEAS Undergraduate Awards Ceremony

SEAS Commencement Celebration

CEE Seminar: “Stress and Pore Pressure in Mudrocks Bounding Salt Systems”

Special SEAS Event: "Live from the International Space Station: Q&A with NASA Astronaut & SEAS Alumna Serena Auñón-Chancellor"

Special SEAS Open Forum: How will your engineering education prepare you for the future?

BME Seminar: “Graphene Biointerfaces for Optical Stimulation of Genetically Intact Cells”

CEE Seminar: “The Promise of Smart Materials in Earthquake Resistant Design”

CVP Speaker’s Series Event: “Navigating Your Career”

CEE Seminar: “The Long and Winding Road: Predicting Molecular and Material Properties Through Computation”

MAE Seminar: "Bubble Deformation and Breakup in Strong Turbulence”

BME Seminar: “Modeling heart disease with human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes – challenges and advances”

MAE Seminar: "Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods and Numerical Applications"

MAE Seminar: “Laboratory-Scaled Experiments on Impulsively Loaded Structures in a Fluid Environment”

CEE Seminar: “Computational Nanoscience: Predicting the Shapes of Nanocrystals Grown in Solution”

CS Colloquium: “Robot Planning and Autonomous Driving"

CS/EMSE Seminar: “Towards Personalized Antidepressant Recommendations with Prediction-Constrained Topic Models”

MAE Seminar: “Material Characterization of Nanostructured Ferretic Alloy through Atomistic Modeling”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Transforming Science through Cyberinfrastructure"

SEAS Frank Howard Distinguished Lecture and Dean's Reception at Colonials Weekend 2018

MAE Seminar: “Unified Mechanics Theory: F=m a ((1-ϕ(s ̇ ))”

CVP Speaker Series @ GW: “Innovation INC: The Business of Innovation”

CS DAY: Computer Science Open House

CS Colloquium: "Advances in Parallel Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems"

MAE Seminar: “Growth and Remodeling Soft Tissue Mechanics in Pregnancy"

MAE Seminar: “Model Predictive Control for Helicopter Ship Landing Operations”

MAE Seminar: “Analysis of charging dynamics relevant to magnetized-orbit dusty plasma confinement: Signature of gyrophase drift in space dust"

BME Seminar: “Behavior and Environmental Sensing and Intervention for Smart Health”

MAE Seminar: “Heterogeneous transport in porous media: from immiscible fluid displacement to cracking”

Association of Energy Engineers GW Chapter: General Meeting

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “The Internet of Tiny Things (IoT²): Challenges and Opportunities in mm-Scale Computing”

BME Seminar: "Magneto-Caloric Materials for Something Other than Refrigeration: Super-Resolution MRI and Neuro-Stimulation"

MAE Seminar: “Multi-Scale Modeling of Nonequilibrium Gas and Plasma with Applications to Hypersonics and Space Propulsion”

Entrepreneurship Workshop: Designing Solutions to Social Challenges

MAE Seminar: “Coupling between Geometry and Mechanics in Locomotion and Embryogenesis”

ECE Seminar: “Interactions between Communications and Computation in Emerging Systems”

Entrepreneurship Workshop: The Business Model Canvas: Does your innovation create, deliver, and capture value?

BME Seminar: “Internal Models and the Neural Control of Prey Interception”

ECE Seminar: “Life on the Edge: Connecting Everyday Objects with Energy Harvesting and Fog Computing”

MAE Seminar: “Study of Interfacial Phenomena for Applications in the Development of Ceramic Materials and Biotechnologies”

ECE Seminar: “Interdependence of Control and Communications in Cyber Physical Systems: An Entropy Framework”

MAE Seminar: “Routing Problems Arising in Space Exploration”

ECE Seminar: “Signal Processing Advances for 5G”

GW COMPASS February Career Workshop: “Informational Interviewing”

ECE Seminar: “Latent Variable Identification Using Identifiable Matrix Factorization Models”

A Conversation with Christine Darden

2018 SEAS R&D Showcase

MAE Seminar: “Towards Greener Aviation with Python at Petascale”

ECE Seminar: “Deep Learning for Action and Event Analysis in Videos”

Engineers’ Ball

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Enhancing the Resilience of Large-Scale Electric Grids”

GW Innovation Center: Innovation+Art+Design Mixer

ECE Seminar: “Graphene and Dirac Materials beyond Graphene: Metamaterials and Plasmonics at Extreme Spectral Wavelengths"

GW Innovation Center: Design Thinking 101

BME Seminar: “Computational Anatomy and Diffeomorphometry: Embedding the Brain at Meso-scale into the Soft-Tissue Condensed Matter Continuum”

ECE Seminar: “From Gestures to Behavior: Understanding Human Behavior from Multimodal Signals”

ECE Seminar: “Magnetic Structures with Tunable Properties for Optomechanical and Biomedical Applications"

ECE Seminar: “From Devices to Systems: New MEMS-Components for Next Generation RF Platforms”

MAE Seminar: “Medical Devices at the Nanoscale: Using Structural DNA Nanotechnology for Nanobiosensing and Microrobot Self-Assembly”

ECE Seminar: “Chip-Scale Platforms for Long-Wavelength Nanophotonics: Frequency Combs, Spectrometers, and Beyond”

GW COMPASS March Career Workshop: “Networking at Conferences”

GW COMPASS Path to Academic Careers Workshop: “Teaching and Research Statements”

ECE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Science and Applications of Wafer-Scale Aligned Carbon Nanotubes”

ECE Faculty Candidate Seminar: “Tailoring Resistive Switches for Applications in Artificial Intelligence and Beyond”

MAE Seminar: “Jet Formation and Control in Laser Induced Forward Transfer Printing of Liquid Inks”

George Hacks: Medical Hackathon

BME Seminar: “Development of a Self-Powered Biosensing System”

3rd Annual GW Women in Engineering Event: “Navigating Your Career Professional Development”

BME Seminar: “Noninvasive Neural Interfacing and Therapies”

BME David Wang Distinguished Lecture: “Biologically Inspired Engineering: From Mechanotherapeutics to Human Organs-on-Chips”

MAE Seminar: “Cytomechanics: The Bridge between Biology and Engineering”

MAE Seminar: “Plasmonic Nanostructures for SERS Biosensing and Optoelectronic Devices”

CS Colloquium: “Approximate Acquisition and Computation of Big Sensory Data”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Programmable Forwarding Planes Are Here to Stay”

GW COMPASS Alumnus Speaker Event: “Road to Google"

2018 GW New Venture Competition Finals

ECE Seminar: “Memory Bandwidth Management for Enhanced Throughput and Security in GPUs”

CVP Speaker Series @ GW Kick-off

2018 SEAS Teaching and Research Awards Celebration

SEAS Innovation Challenge Showcase: ¡Viva Puerto Rico!

SEH WOW Talks Series

BME Seminar: “NIH/NIBIB: The Road to Successful Grant Applications”

BME Seminar: “Design and Engineering of Optoelectronics: from Energy Harvesting to Bio-Interfacing”

Pelton Award and SEAS Undergraduate Awards Ceremony

2018 SEAS Celebration (Graduation Event)

NASA Astronaut & SEAS Alumna Serena Auñón-Chancellor Space Launch Event

2018 SEAS Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

GW COMPASS & GWPA Event: Networking Success Secrets

The New Student Getaway

Deloitte: Lobby Table “Wellness Wednesday Welcome Back”

Entrepreneurship Orientation at Gelman Library

Grads at the Newseum

Entrepreneurship Orientation at Gelman Library

CEE Seminar: "Compatibility, hysteresis and the direct conversion of heat to electricity"

Cisco Meraki

General Dynamics Electric Boat

Fall Career & Internship Fair

Deloitte: Information Session

Entrepreneurship Workshop: “Where Do I Start?”

M.C. Dean: Information Session and Meet & Greet

CubeSat Information Meeting

CEE Colloquium: “Gas Hydrates as a Problem or Solution to Energy Production and Storage”

ECE Distinguished Lecture: “High-Capacity Optical Communications Using Multiplexing of Multiple Orbital-Angular-Momentum Beams”

GW Idea Fest

MAE Seminar: “Macroscopic Modeling of Microinertia Effects in Particulate Flows”

IBM: Women in Technology Panel Discussion

MAE Seminar: “Challenges and Opportunities in High-Order Finite Element Simulations of Fluid Mechanics”

MAE Seminar: "The Anatomy of a 2030's UUV: An Internally Biomimetic Soft-bodied UUV Propulsion System"

3-Day Startup

BME Seminar: “High-resolution, High-speed 3D Imaging and Applications”

MAE Seminar: “Functional Imaging Using Atomic Force Microscopy: Measuring Nanoscale Electronic and Chemical Properties of Materials”

Art+Innovation - The artists' perspective

CEE Seminar: “Polychlorinated biphenyls in the urban water cycle – historic or current sources?”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Functionalized Hybrid Nanomagnets: New Materials for Innovations in Energy Storage and Medical Theranostics”

ECE Distinguished Lecture Series: “Future Large-Scale Predictive Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges”

ECE Seminar: “Saving Energy in Information Processing and Communications with Optics”

Innovation Center Panel: “Ask a Working Mom: An Industry-wide Panel on Work/Life Balance”

MAE Seminar: “Entropy Stability and Finite Element Methods: Simulating Fluid Flows without Blow-Up"

GW BME DAY: “Innovations in Biomedical Engineering”

SEAS Innovation Challenge Information Session

BME Seminar: “Photoacoustic Tomography: Omniscale Imaging from Organelles to Patients by Ultrasonically Beating Optical Diffusion”

ECE Seminar: “Deduplication-aware Architecture and System for Edge Computing”

ECE Research Blitz

MAE Seminar: "Development of Bio-inspired Platforms for Study of Fish Locomotion"

MAE Seminar: “TeeVR: Revolutionary VR Content Generation from the Real World"

CEE Seminar: "Topology Optimization: from Algorithmic Developments to Applications"

ECE Seminar: "Lazy Shadowing: A Versatile Resilience Scheme for Extreme Scale Systems"

MAE Seminar: “High-Order Computational Fluid Dynamics and Its Application to Thermal Fluids Flow Simulation”

CEE Seminar: “Antibiotic Fate in Photolytic Processes: Solar Irradiation of Agriculturally-Impacted Waters and UV-254 Treatment of Wastewater”

CEE Seminar: “Current Challenges Facing the Structural Engineering Community”

BME Seminar: "Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging and Therapeutics"

MAE Seminar: “A Computational Bifluid–Solid Mechanics Framework Dealing with Capillarity and Wetting Issues: Towards Void Formation and Permeability Predictions in LCM Processes