Alumni Feature: Ban Shoukeir, BS ‘22

We recently connected with recent alumna, Ban Shoukeir, BS ‘22, to learn about her journey at GW Engineering.

To boost solar, the US should use more carrots and fewer sticks

Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Professor John Helveston recently published an op-ed in The Hill discussing the need for nations like the U.S.

ECE’s David Nagel Takes Part in Two Major Energy Meetings

Dr. David J. Nagel, a Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, played major roles in a recent combination of two meetings.

Unleashing Innovation in the Semiconductor and Nanotechnology industries

Dr. Gina Adam, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at GWU, is contributing as a research partner to develop a nanotechnology accelerator platform.

Dr. Hurriyet Ok awarded the Create with VR grant from Unity and Meta Immersive Learning

Grant Recipient Badge for Create with VRThe Create with VR grant will allow VR devices to be more accessible and bring exciting learning and career opportunities to students at the University.

Professor Michael Keidar Published in Science Advances

Congratulations to Dr. Keidar, professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

Professor Payman Dehghanian awarded a major NSF contract

Payman Dehghanian His project,"Collaborative Research: NNA Research: Foundations for Improving Resilience in the Energy Sector against Wildfires on ALaskan Lands (FIREWALL)" is a 4-year multi-institutional and multidisciplinary national effort among GWU, the University of Alaska at Anchorage (UAA), the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), and Washington State University (WSU).