Getting to Know Shubham Gupta '20

November 10, 2020

Photo of Shubham Gupta

Since graduating with a degree in biomedical engineering, Shubham Gupta ‘20 hasn’t strayed too far from campus. Having long been interested in both engineering and medicine, Gupta is now enrolled as a student at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

Gupta maintained a stellar academic record during his time at SEAS. He was named to the dean's list each semester, ultimately graduating summa cum laude. He was inducted into the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society, received one of GW’s Outstanding Achievement Awards in both 2018 and 2019, and earned the Benjamin C. Cruickshanks Award, which honors the student with the highest GPA in each department. 

During his time as an undergraduate, Gupta enjoyed serving as communications chair for Thurston Hall and later for Munson, while also expanding upon his academic pursuits outside the classroom. Gupta served as a lab assistant in Dr. Igor Efimov's cardiovascular engineering lab and is continuing in this role as a medical school student. He also served as a teaching assistant, and he was a participant in the annual George Hacks competition. Gupta reflects, “SEAS taught me valuable skills in teamwork and problem-solving that I can apply in the medical field.” 

He adds, “Attending medical school in a virtual setting has been an interesting experience so far, especially learning patient interviewing skills and physical exam maneuvers behind the computer screen. Having an engineering background enhanced my ability to apply concepts learned in lectures to patient case studies.”