Clare Boothe Luce Program in Undergraduate Research Award


The Clare Boothe Luce Program has awarded SEAS $300,000 to support an undergraduate research program that will enable undergraduate SEAS students to pursue research with guidance from faculty mentors, hone their professional skills, and establish themselves as university leaders, consistent with the aims of the Clare Boothe Luce Foundation “to encourage women to enter, study, graduate, and teach in science, mathematics and engineering.” Two students will be selected for the 2021-2023 research program.

Who: Current SEAS sophomores

Currently enrolled, sophomore students in SEAS are eligible for one of the two research scholarships that will be awarded this year.

What: Research scholarships totaling $37,250 per student and professional development opportunities

Funding includes a total of $37,250 to cover: academic year stipends for 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, summer stipends for 2021 and 2022, up to $5,000 for research materials and supplies, and up to $2,000 for travel to a professional conference.  The grant enables the student to engage in full-time research (40 hours per week) in the summer months of 2021 and 2022 and part-time research (10 hours per week) in the subsequent academic years. Selected students will have opportunities for professional development, including writing and presenting research papers, attending at least one research conference, participating in outreach to high school students, and presenting their work at SEAS and GW research events.

How: Apply for a research scholarship

To apply: 

  1. Contact a faculty member with whom you would like to work, either on your own research project or within the faculty member's research lab.  Set up a meeting to discuss your ideas and the possibilities of working with the faculty member. You must have a faculty research mentor to qualify for this research scholarship and they must provide a letter of support for your application.
  2. Prepare an up to three-page description of the proposed research project you will pursue.  The reviewers will be engineering faculty, but they may not have expertise in the area of your proposed project, so please avoid jargon and be as specific as you can concerning your project goals.
  3. Prepare a one-page description of your professional and academic goals (e.g. Are you headed for graduate school? Would you like to start a company? Etc.).
  4. Complete an application packet to include items 2 and 3 above, plus your resume. Save all the documents in a PDF format. Your completed PDF file should carry the following name:  <lastname>.<firstname>.pdf
  5. Submit the entire packet (see link below).
  6. Please request that your letter of support from the proposed faculty member be submitted directly to Professor Rachelle Heller ([email protected]).

When: The application deadline is March 22, 2021

Apply Here


If you need more information about the program, the application process, or finding a faculty mentor, please email Professor Rachelle Heller ([email protected]).