The Trustworthy AI Distinguished Seminar Series: Manipulation-Proof Machine Learning

Please join the GW Co-Design of Trustworthy AI Systems (DTAIS) program as we welcome Professor Daniel Björkegren (Brown University) for the latest installment of our Trustworthy AI Distinguished Seminar Series. This series highlights prominent academics and practitioners in the trustworthy AI space and showcases their contributions to the field. This session will include a presentation and interactive Q&A, followed by a social hour with refreshments. The seminar is open to all members of the GW community and our external partners.

Daniel BjörkegrenDaniel Björkegren is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Brown University. He works to make ma- chine learning more humane and apply it to problems in low income countries. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Washington.