A Supportive Community

From mentoring programs run by upperclassmen to tutoring sessions and an engineering house on campus, SEAS students live, study, and learn in an environment that supports their aspirations to become engineers and computer scientists. And it all begins right at the start: freshmen and new students arrive before the start of classes in the fall and immediately participate in the New Student Getaway, a weekend of activities and mentoring sessions with upperclassmen and faculty at an outdoor adventure center. At the Getaway, students meet their classmates, begin forming friendships, and learn more about their academic programs and university life.

Meeting new friends

At SEAS, students have many opportunities to meet an interesting mix of new people and build new friendships. We have students from across the country and around the world (our international students come from more than 70 countries), and more than one-third of our undergraduates at SEAS are female. And SEAS helps create opportunities to meet friends: the school and departments sponsor a number of social activities throughout the year - from the New Student Getaway at the beginning of your freshman year, to barbecues and movies, to study sessions, and a yearly favorite activity--the Engineers' Ball.

You've Been Newton'd

If you would like to know more about the students who study at SEAS, we recommend "You've Been Newton'd." This new SEAS interview series will introduce you to our talented, active, and diverse student body.

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