September 12-18, 2016


September 12, 2016

Faculty News


Prof. Volker Sorger (ECE) and his team have received a three-year, $620,000 Army Research Office grant for their project “2D Material-based electro-optic modulation on a Silicon Platform.” Prof. Sorger is the lead PI of this collaborative program, joining forces with Prof. Agarwal (University of Pennsylvania). The team will explore exciton-polariton dispersion control in two-dimensional materials toward strong electro-optic modulation of Silicon-photonic, hetero-integration platforms.

Media Mentions:

Prof. Tarek El-Ghazawi (ECE) was recently interviewed by Voice of America’s VOA Chinese TV to discuss the latest developments of supercomputing in the wake of China's development of a new supercomputer, built with nearly all Chinese parts, that has become the top supercomputer in the world. (Video, in Chinese)

Conferences & Presentations:

On September 6, Prof. Ken Chong (MAE) gave a seminar titled “Convergent sciences and technologies in mechanics, manufacturing and materials” at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Faculty and students from both CMU and the University of Pittsburgh attended the seminar. Prof. Chong also visited with faculty and students in three research groups in the mechanics and materials areas at CMU.

Prof. Tianshu Li (CEE) was invited to participate in the Royal Society Theo Murphy scientific meeting “Nucleation: past and future challenges for experiment, theory and simulation,” held on September 6 at the Kavli Royal Society Centre, Buckinghamshire, UK. Prof. Li gave an invited talk titled “Free energy landscape and molecular pathways of ice and gas hydrate nucleation.”

Prof. Volker Sorger (ECE) gave an invited talk on his paper “Active 2D and carbon-based materials: physics and devices” at the SPIE Optics and Photonics Conference, held August 29 in San Diego, CA.

Student News

ECE doctoral students Sikandar Khan and Zhizhen (Matt) Ma, both advised by Prof. Volker Sorger (ECE), received two travel grants from the SPIE society to attend the 2016 SPIE student leadership workshop at the 2016 Optics & Photonics Conference, held August 27-31 in San Diego, CA.

Other News

Associate Dean Can Korman has been elected the SEAS representative to GW’s Presidential Search Faculty Consultative Committee.

GW Benefits Briefing at SEAS
Tuesday, September 27
1:00 – 2:00 pm
SEH, B1220
GW's Human Resources Division and the School of Engineering and Applied Science will host a special briefing session for SEAS faculty and staff to learn more about the benefits changes for 2017. The session is intended to help employees make informed decisions regarding their health benefits in light of changes to the health benefits plans and based on their individual and family needs. An overview of the benefits changes is now available online, and a comprehensive guide will be posted on the benefits website in late September. The university will also offer benefits fairs, forums, and opportunities for one-on-one advising during the open enrollment period, which begins October 3 and runs through October 21. Please direct questions you may have about the briefing to Mr. Aria Varasteh.

The SEAS Environmental and Energy Management Institute and the European Energy Center will offer three remaining professional short courses:

Renewable Energy Management & Finance
Thursday and Friday, October 27-28
Taught by: Michael Ware & Scott Sklar

Environmental Management Beyond Compliance (Implementing an ISO 14001 System)
Monday and Tuesday, November 14-15
Taught by: Joe Cascio

Distributed Generation and Storage
Thursday and Friday, December 8-9
Taught by: Scott Sklar

Circular Economy
Thursday and Friday, March 16-17, 2017
Taught by: Roger Feldman and Ed Pinero

Multi-Aspect Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics
Dates TBA
Taught by: Scott Sklar

SEAS Events

CEE Colloquium: “Beyond Thermodynamic Stability: Synthetic Pathways to New Materials with Exceptional Properties”
Speaker: Dr. Timothy A. Strobel, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Monday, September 12
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
SEH, B1220

Matlab Workshops I and II
Workshop I: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Workshop II: 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Wednesday, September 14
SEH, 1300/1400

Workshop 1: Technical Computing with MATLAB and Simulink (Introduction)
Attend this free seminar to find out how you can use MATLAB and Simulink to develop algorithms, visualize and analyze data, and perform numeric computation. A MathWorks engineer will provide an overview of MATLAB through live demonstrations and examples showing how you can use MATLAB to: access data from many sources (files, other software, hardware, etc.); use interactive tools for iterative exploration, design, and problem solving; automate and capture your work in easy-to-write scripts and programs; and share your results with others by automatically creating reports.

Simulink is an environment for multi-domain simulation and Model-Based Design for dynamic and embedded systems. It provides an interactive graphical environment and a customizable set of block libraries that let you design, simulate, implement, and test a variety of time-varying systems. Highlights include: an introduction to the major capabilities of Simulink; how to model a dynamic system using physical modeling components; and how to use simulation to gain a better understanding of your dynamic system.

Workshop 2: Speeding up MATLAB Applications (Intermediate/Advanced)
In this session, we will demonstrate simple ways to improve and optimize your code to boost execution speed by orders of magnitude. We will also address common pitfalls in writing MATLAB code, explore the use of the MATLAB Profiler to find bottlenecks, and introduce the use of Parallel Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server to solve computationally and data-intensive problems on multicore computers and clusters. Highlights include: understanding memory usage and vectorization in MATLAB; addressing bottlenecks in your programs; transitioning from serial to parallel MATLAB programs; executing applications on a multiprocessor workstation; and scaling up to a computer cluster, grid environment, or cloud.

BME Seminar: “Novel Cardiac Microimpedance Measurement Strategies”
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Pollard, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Alabama Birmingham
Monday, September 19
4:00 – 5:00 pm
SEH, 2000B

Workshop: Integrated Photonics Design with INTERCONNECT
Monday, September 19
9:30 am – 4:00 pm
For more information, and to register, please contact: [email protected]

MAE and SEAS Computing Facility Workshop: 2016 GW Software Carpentry Workshop: Teaching Basic Lab Skills for Research Computing
Friday and Saturday, September 23–24
9: 00 am – 4:00 pm
411 Tompkins Hall
This workshop is for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty who want to become more productive with lab skills for scientific computing. Space is limited to 40 seats, and we expect a waiting list. For more information about the Software Carpentry program, please visit or contact Prof. Lorena Barba.

ECE Seminar: Opto-Analytical Spectroscopy, Imaging, and Sensing (OASIS)
Speaker: Dr. Wei-Chuan Shih, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Houston
Friday, September 30
1:00 - 2:00 pm
SEH, 2000B

Career Services Events

General Dynamics Electric Boat: Information/Resume Review Sessions
Tuesday, September 13
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
SEH, 2845
Wednesday, September 14
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
SEH, 2845
These sessions are open to all SEAS undergraduate and graduate students. Have your resume reviewed by engineers at General Dynamics/Electric Boat, some of whom are GW SEAS alumni! No RSVP is required; the sessions are held on a walk-in, first come, first served basis. Please contact Emmy Rashid, SEAS Career Services director, at [email protected] or 4-7892 if you have questions. You may also visit the General Dynamics/Electric Boat booth at the GW Fall Career & Internship Fair.

General Dynamics/Electric Boat designs, builds and supports nuclear-powered submarines for the US Navy, has been in business for over 100 years, and has a very robust backlog of work, including designing and building a new class of submarines. This new class will replace the existing OHIO Class submarines, which are the sea leg of the United States nuclear triad. We are looking for engineers in all technical disciplines. Job openings are posted on Note: U.S. citizenship is required for employment.

GW Fall 2016 Career & Internship Fair
Wednesday, September 14
1:00 – 5:00 pm
Smith Center
The Fall Career & Internship Fair provides opportunities for GW students and alumni to meet with organizations from a variety of industries that may be recruiting for full-time, part-time, and internship positions, and/or getting their brand out to the attention of GW students and alumni.

IBM Diversity Panel/Networking Event
Tuesday, September 27
7:00 – 9:00 pm
SEH, B1220
This event is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Join us for refreshments and networking at the SEH “green wall” space immediately following the event. Please contact Emmy Rashid, SEAS Career Services director, at [email protected] or 4-7892 if you have questions.

Entrepreneurship News & Events

Social Entrepreneurship with Tom Raffa
Wednesday, September 21
5:00 – 7:00 pm
1957 E St NW, Suite 214
Join the GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship & Social Impact 360 for a great talk on social entrepreneurship featuring guest speaker, Thomas J. Raffa.

Introduction to I-Corps @ GWU
Thursday, September 22 - Thursday, October 6
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Marvin Center

We are now accepting applications for the "Introduction to I-Corps @GWU" workshop in the DC metro area. Preference will be given to teams with two or more members, an Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) and a Principal Investigator (PI). An Industry Mentor (IM) is recommended but not required.

Where Do I Start? Workshop with Lex McCusker
Wednesday, September 28
5:30 – 7:00 pm
Funger Hall, Room 103
This workshop is designed for the aspiring entrepreneur who has an idea for a new venture but does not know where to start. If you have an idea for a product or a service that you believe could have a big impact in the “real world” and you think that a new entrepreneurial venture, a startup, might be the best way to move it from being just an idea into a successful implementation, then this workshop is for you.