SEAS Undergraduate Orientation

The purpose of SEAS Undergraduate Orientation is to help prepare students to be academically successful and to support their transition to the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). The process varies based on how you were admitted to SEAS, but our goal is to create a seamless transition for you. Therefore, after reviewing the information below, please email [email protected] with any questions.

Internal Transfer Orientation

As a current GW student, once you are approved for an internal transfer to the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), you will receive an email about the next steps from the SEAS Office of Undergraduate Student Services and Advising.  The email will include important information pertaining to major selection, advisor assignment, and registering for your first semester as a SEAS student.

External Transfer Orientation

Once you have received your acceptance from the GW Office of Undergraduate Admissions and have officially paid your deposit, you will receive additional communication from the Office of Student Support and Family Engagement to sign up for a Colonial Inauguration (orientation) session. Additionally, the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Office of Undergraduate Student Services and Advising will reach out to you requesting some additional information and asking you to review an online presentation and complete a questionnaire. This questionnaire will help us know your intended major and work with the respective department to assign you a faculty advisor. Note: you should register for classes as soon as possible and not wait to do so until you attend Colonial Inauguration.

What do I do with non-articulated transfer credits (1099) on your Transfer Credit Evaluation?

Periodically, courses from other institutions will be transferred as a department 1099 course (e.g., ECE 1099). This means that the course does not currently have a designated course equivalent at GW. However, you are able to have this course reviewed by the department if you believe you have found a potential course equivalent at GW. In order to facilitate this review, you should compile the following information about the course: both course descriptions (external and GW course), a copy of the course syllabus for the external course, a copy of your transcript (including final grades) from the external institution, and a completed Transfer Credit Approval Form. The information will need to be approved by the department in which the course equivalent is taught and authorized by your home school (SEAS) via a Transfer Credit Approval Form.

What if I took writing previously but did not receive UW 1020 credit?

If you are transferring in a writing course that you think would satisfy the university writing requirement but it was not accepted, you can petition to have the course reviewed in order to count. For more information about the transfer policy and exceptions for the University Writing Requirement (UW1020), visit:

New Student Orientation

All incoming SEAS students who are attending college for the first-time and admitted to the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) must sign up for Colonial Inauguration (orientation) and housing via the Welcome Portal sent by GW Admissions. Additionally, you should prepare for Colonial Inauguration by reviewing the GW 101 module found on Blackboard. Please review the table below for important items to keep in mind over the summer before, during, and after Colonial Inauguration:

  • Sign up for your Colonial Inauguration session and housing
  • Complete the math placement test at least one week prior to registration date in order to ensure your score will be uploaded to the system
  • Send all AP, IB, or other forms of credit to GW Admissions
  • Complete GW 101 - Part 1 through the Blackboard portal
  • Complete all necessary forms for the New Student Getaway (NSG)
  • Completed at least two (2) drafts of your schedule and submit them through GW 101 Blackboard
  • Complete GW 101 - Part 2 on Blackboard
  • Complete the ALEK Tutorial and retake the Math Placement Test (if applicable) – check GW 101 for deadline
  • Follow up with GW Admissions to confirm that they have received any AP/IB scores and transcripts
  • Submit any outstanding NSG paperwork  (if applicable) – check GW 101 for deadline
  • Follow up with any registration issues; check the schedule of classes to add outstanding courses to your schedule
  • Check GW email for important updates and info
  • Discuss expectations with your family.  Do you need a Student Consent form on file?