Photo of Raoul standing in front of a stack of black computer servers

SEAS Computing Facility


The SEAS Computing Facility (SEAS CF) is the academic computing service unit of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.  It provides a range of computing resources and support exclusively to SEAS faculty, researchers, staff, and students.

Technical Support

If you need support for file storage, wireless and VPN access, hardware repair, software licenses, and more, SEAS CF can help.  See the full range of technical support services.

Software and Applications

SEAS CF manages most software purchases and licenses for the school, provides free software downloads for students for certain programs, and manages software installations on university-owned computers at SEAS.  Learn more about SEAS CF software and applications support.

Research Services

SEAS CF provides support for research services, including high-performance computing, high-performance workstations and servers, and other research services.  Find out more about our research services.

Computing Facilities

SEAS CF manages the school’s computer labs and specialized teaching classrooms/labs.  See the full list of facilities.

Computing Workshops

During the regular academic year, SEAS CF hosts a wide range of computing-related workshops for SEAS students and faculty.  Visit the SEAS CF events page to see the list of workshops and sign up for them.

Other Services

Do you need help accessing and installing a program or managing a server for research purposes?  Perhaps you would like help purchasing software or computing equipment. Or maybe you need an equipment loan for academic purposes.  Contact SEAS CF to help with these services and more.


Visit the Computing Facility web site for more information.