Research News


Shedding Light on the Matter

Dr. Emilia Entcheva (Biomedical Engineering): Testing for the cardiac side effects of anti-cancer drugs is essential, but it is a lengthy and expensive process, and pharmaceutical companies are eager to find ways to speed it up and reduce costs. This is where the pioneering work of Dr. Emilia Entcheva may prove very helpful.

The Promise of Photo-Catalysts

Dr. Danmeng Shuai (Civil & Environmental Engineering): Environmental engineers like Dr. Danmeng Shuai are hard at work seeking new methods to treat water to remove a new class of contaminants called emerging contaminants.

Extreme Imaging

Dr. Robert Pless (Computer Science): Cameras have become ubiquitous. Security cameras increasingly dot our landscapes, and smart phones mean that most of us have a camera at the ready at all times. Dr. Robert Pless foresees the myriad beneficial applications of the images these cameras capture, and he is capitalizing on them to help address national needs and social justice issues.

Working Remotely

Dr. Roger Lang (Electrical & Computer Engineering): For 10 years Dr. Roger Lang has worked with NASA and its microwave satellite instrument Aquarius to measure the surface salinity of the ocean. The bottom line of this is for NASA to understand the effects of climate change.

Better Decision Making

Dr. Erica Gralla (Engineering Management & Systems Engineering): Dr. Erica Gralla knows that better models of decision making can dramatically improve system performance and outcomes, so she works to develop models to better reflect the structures and context of various systems in which decisions are made. One system she studies is disaster response supply chains.

At the Crossroads of Science

Dr. Elias Balaras (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering): Dr. Elias Balaras conducts research in multi-physics simulations in a variety of fluid mechanics problems. Stated another way, he uses powerful super-computers and advanced math models to tackle challenging fluid flow problems in biology and engineering.

Dr. Park’s Robot Helps Autistic Children Build Social Skills

Department of Biomedical Engineering: In April, USA Today featured Dr. Park in its pages, highlighting his work to program robots that can communicate with children with autism.  His goal is to help autistic children learn to become more comfortable interacting with other children and adults.

Dr. Efimov and Colleagues Team up on Cardiac Arrhythmia Research

Department of Biomedical Engineering: Dr. Efimov is working closely with faculty from top engineering schools on two new grants with total funding of more than $8 million.

Science and Engineering Hall

Changing the Way We Work: The new Science and Engineering Hall is changing the way we work.

Waste Not, Want Not

Dr. Rumana Riffat (Civil & Environmental Engineering): As rising energy costs drive up the cost of wastewater treatment, treatment plants are looking to find new ways to lower the energy use associated with wastewater treatment, and to re-use the by-products of the treated water. One of the people they are consulting is Dr. Rumana Riffat.

The Art of Computing

Dr. Tim Wood (Computer Science): Dr. Tim Wood helps create the infrastructure inside computers that is necessary to help run the “big data,” or data-intensive, operations that we all hear so much about these days. He is finding ways to make that infrastructure more reliable, more efficient, and more secure.

A Fresh Perspective

Dr. Tian Lan (Electrical & Computer Engineering): Optimization research normally aims to improve the performance of computing systems—for example, making data transfer on a smart phone faster—but Dr. Tian Lan is applying optimization techniques to cyber security problems. And that, he says, is a new perspective.

A Systems Approach

Dr. Ekundayo Shittu (Engineering Management & Systems Engineering): Dr. Ekundayo Shittu studies the economics of global climate change and how public policy should be structured in response to global climate change concerns.

Manifold Tasks

Dr. Taeyoung Lee (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering): Dr. Taeyoung Lee conducts research in dynamics and controls. One of his current research projects—transporting a payload by several unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—has both military and commercial applications.

No Small Task

Dr. Zhenyu Li (Biomedical Engineering): Dr. Zhenyu Li works with colleagues and students to develop “lab-on-a-chip” technologies that will give patients access to portable medical diagnostic devices for more timely, personalized healthcare.