New Student Getaway

At the start of each academic year, the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) and the SEASSPAN mentors Student Mentors guide all first-time freshman SEAS students through their first week at GW with a series of "Move-In" events and the New Student Getaway.

The video gives a good preview of the New Student Getaway, a three-day weekend that all first-time SEAS freshmen participate in right before the start of classes in the fall.  At the New Student Getaway, first-time freshmen meet their classmates, begin forming friendships, learn more about their academic programs and university life—and have some fun, doing everything from whitewater rafting to volleyball, hiking, and zip-lining.

Schedule and information for Fall 2017

All required paperwork including the ACE Contract and Liability Waiver, the SEAS NSG Release Form, and the online SEAS New Student Getaway Registration Form must be submitted to by Monday, July 10, 2017 at 11:59pm. Failure to submit these required forms by this deadline will make the student ineligible for early move-in and to attend the New Student Getaway. These documents are available to be downloaded from GW First Class- SEAS 2017 module through Blackboard.

Early Move-In - August 23
Move-In for all first-time freshman SEAS students participating in the SEASSPAN program will occur on August 23rd.  The SEASSPAN mentors will be on hand at all freshmen residence halls to help all students move in and get comfortable with their new living arrangements. The SEASSPAN mentors will also coordinate a few events at night for those not tired from the day of moving in!

SEAS Orientation - August 24
Join the SEASSPAN mentors for a day full of relaxing activities aimed at getting you better acquainted with DC and ready for school and the SEASSPAN Getaway!

The New Student Getaway - August 25-27
As a new student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, you will be participating in our New Student Getaway. It's good to be an engineer!

What is it? It is a trip for three days to wild and wonderful West Virginia. You will stay in tents and cabins, participate in all sorts of activities (like rafting, hiking, paintball, and rock climbing, to name a few), and most importantly get to know your fellow engineers!

You will also be assigned a mentor, a current engineering student, who will stay with you and will be able to answer your questions for the upcoming year. It's SEAS's way of giving you a head start.

Where is it?  ACE Adventure Camp in West Virginia.

How much? This program is FREE!! (It's good to be an engineer!)

What does this mean for you? First of all, this means that you will be invited to move in early before everyone else. That means no lines to check in, no competition with other students for the elevator, and you get first choice for your space in your residence hall room.

How do we get there?   We will be providing round trip transportation by coach bus between GW and West Virginia. 

What do I bring?  In order to make it easy for you to pack and know what to bring we provide you with a checklist.

What do I need to do to register?  All students must complete a series of forms prior to their Colonial Inauguration (CI) and submit them via the First Class model. You can access your First Class Module via Blackboard


If you have any questions about the Move-In, SEAS Orientation, or the "New Student Getaway" please e-mail us at: