Meet Our Students

What's it like to be a student at SEAS?

Susan McHale

Susan McHale once unwrapped a fortune cookie whose message read, “Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.”  The message struck a chord with her, because it described the approach she already was taking toward life.  A planner by nature, Susan strives to be caught up on her work—or ahead—so she can participate if something fun comes up.
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Geneva Goldwood

Many students spend their college careers trying to avoid the dean’s office. However, it was in two separate trips to Dean Narahari’s office that Geneva Goldwood (BS ’14) found good news awaiting her.
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Alyse Stone

Anyone who knows Alyse Stone knows about her passion for design. But how did a young woman with such a strong interest in the fashion and retail industry end up studying mechanical engineering?
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Matthew Wilkins

Many of us dabble in our interests on the side, wishing we could find more time to devote to them, while a lucky few find—and make—the opportunity to try to turn their interests into a job or a career. SEAS graduate student Matthew Wilkins is one of those lucky and dedicated few.
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Christopher Blower

Deep space exploration is still only a dream for humanity, but one that NASA is working on—and last summer it enlisted the help of some unexpected participants, including SEAS doctoral student Christopher Blower.
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Fiona Zhou

At age 17, Yijing "Fiona" Zhou had quite a tall order before her: she had to convince her parents to let her leave China to attend college in the U.S. "It was a huge decision for my mom to send a 17-year-old daughter to the other side of the world," Fiona recalls. "I actually had a kind of deal with my parents that if I could get a scholarship from the schols I applied to, I would be able to go there."
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John Gearheart

Never underestimate the power of motivation. John Gearheart doesn't. In fact, as he tells the story, both positive and negative motivation played a role in his decision to enter last year's national Intel Innovators competition.  John, a senior majoring in biomedical engineering, is a very good student and a hard worker, but like all students, he needs a break from his studies every now and then.
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Micah Foster

Seasoned professors have all had the experience of working with a student who just seems to shine, a student who is so well-rounded and so mature that the professor knows it will be a couple of years before another student of that caliber comes through the door of his classroom. That seems to be the case with Micah Foster, who graduated from SEAS last May with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.
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Krystal Brun

When Krystal Brun arrived at GW as a freshman, she knew two things: she wanted to dance and she wanted to study international affairs. She auditioned for a GW show during the first week of her freshman year and has remained heavily involved in dance and theater productions since then. Her course of study, however, has turned out a little differently than she had planned.
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Hannah Stuart

The old adage says, "If you want something to get done, give it to the busiest person." And if you are choosing among last year's graduating seniors, chances are that person would be Hannah Stuart. As an undergraduate at SEAS, Stuart was involved in research and varsity athletics on top of her academics- and she managed to be a valuable player in all areas.
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The SEAS Experience

Engineering and computer science are rigorous disciplines. So, does this mean SEAS students spend all their time in the library and the labs, not getting involved in campus life or doing the things outside of engineering that they love?

Listen to four SEAS students describe their experience--their classes, their friends, their community, and getting to do the things they love!

Clark Scholars

The Clark Engineering Scholars program was established in January 2011 with an $8 million gift from A. James Clark, chairman of the board and CEO of Clark Enterprises Inc.  Meet the scholars.