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Freshman Mentors

Photo of Philip Paulson

Philip Paulson

SEASSPAN President
Mechanical Engineering

Rossmoor, CA

I’m studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace. I will be in DC this summer researching the aerodynamics of human speech. Being from southern California, I am continually on a quest to find good Mexican food here on the east coast; feel free to send me suggestions or join me in the search!

Photo of Kate McNally

Kate McNally

SEASSPAN Vice-President
Computer Science

Foothill Ranch, CA

As a California native, a Vans hoarder, and aspiring programming guru, I am GW's perfect mix of chill yet passionate. I'm your gal when it comes to anything Hong Kong, ranting sessions on the end of Parks and Rec, or whenever you need a confidence booster. Don't tell me you prefer Pepsi over Coke, and I'm sure we'll be friends forever.

Photo of Ellise Damschroder

Ellise Damschroder

SEASSPAN Secretary
Mechanical Engineering

Fort Collins, CO

Hi, my name is Ellise and I’m a senior mechanical engineering major from Fort Collins, Colorado.  I love both dogs and cats (my family has two dogs and one cat), basketball (I started playing in high school and got hooked), and traveling (so far, I’ve been to 35 countries).  My favorite pastimes are reading, playing video games, and amateur woodworking.


Photo of Rachel Irwin

Rachael Irwin

Events Coordinator
Biomedical Engineering

Clifton Park, NY

Hi guys! I’m a Biomedical Engineering major with a Computer Science minor from Upstate New York. You can almost always find me in SEH at 3 am, Diet Coke in hand. Some of my favorite things include: grabbing dinner at Vapiano's with my friends, watching hockey, starting new shows on Netflix to procrastinate, and talking about airplanes.

Photo of Jordan Askey

Jordan Askey

Systems Engineering
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Born and raised on the Philadelphia Main Line, I'm excited to be living and studying in the nation's capitol. I'm a Systems Engineering major and STAR Tour Guide by day and the Technical Director for Student Theatre by night! Talk to me about Systems, Panera Tomato Soup, House of Cards, and 30 Rock! Welcome to GW!

Photo of Audrey Bacskai

Audrey Bacskai

Mechanical Engineering
Mission Viejo, CA

I'm just a short and sassy girl from the Golden State that wanted to adventure out to GW to see how people did things over on this coast. I'm a lover of lipstick, scarves, and sunshine, and will be friends with anyone who can make me laugh (so basically the entire population). I'm studying Mechanical Engineering so that I can fulfill my dream job of becoming a Disney Imagineer, because who doesn't love a Meche-and-Mickey combo??

Photo of Emily Becker

Emily Becker

Biomedical Engineering
Bushkill, PA

Born in a quaint suburban town in central Massachusetts and raised in thepseudo-Narnia’n forests that constitute northeastern Pennsylvania, I can say with confidence that DC is the coolest place I’ve lived thus far. I've been told I'm a great hype man and an even better cook, but when I'm not doing either of those things, I'm more than likely adventuring around DC (like walking 15 miles around the National Mall) or spending the day fishing at Hains Point.

Photo of Colby Bott

Colby Bott

Civil Engineering
Plymouth, MA

Hey! I'm a civil engineer from Plymouth, MA, hometown of the nation's most important rock. Around DC you can find me at Captain Cookie or Baked and Wired expressing stronger opinions on desserts than most do on politics.

Photo of Marie-Laure Brossay in snowbank

Marie-laure Brossay

Computer Engineering
Cranston, Rhode Island

Hey guys! I’m a junior computer engineering major hailing from the smallest state, Rhode Island. I spent my second semester of sophomore year studying in Korea, and I absolutely love to travel and meet new people. I love math more than you can probably imagine, but I also love to read (who says you can’t do both!).

Picture of Caitlin Carfano in front of Lincoln Memorial

Caitlin Carfano

Electrical Engineering
Toms River, NJ

Why do Java programmers have to wear glasses? Because they don’t C#. Hey guys, I’m Caitlin, an electrical engineering major who loves making programming jokes, drinking too much coffee, complaining about running (while I’m running to the Capitol), and reading psychology books.

Photo of Parmvir Chahal

Parmvir Chahal

Computer Engineering
Alexandria, VA

Hi guys! I'm Parmvir and I'm a junior from Northern Virginia majoring in Computer Engineering. If I'm not doing homework in Gelman or SEH, you'll find me at Starbucks, dancing to Bhangra music, or laughing about literally anything ranging from corny jokes to How I Met Your Mother. I also love exploring new places and you won't ever catch me not coordinating my turban with my outfits.

Photo of Samsara Counts

Samsara Counts

Computer Science and Mathematics
Fort Worth, TX

Hey, I'm Samsara, a junior double-majoring in Computer Science & Math with a minor in Creative Writing from Fort Worth, Texas. To make it abundantly clear: my hobbies are puns, engineering (and CS) memes, literature, and indie music. Outside of doing research and studying in the SEH, I enjoy chilling with friends and ACM Game Nights.

Photo of Andrew da Costa

Andrew da Costa

Electrical Engineering
Framingham, MA

Hello, my name is Andrew and I am a Junior majoring in electrical engineering from Framingham, MA. Despite being EE I love to live off the grid and enjoy the beauty of nature. My dream is to adventure all over the world and experience all types of cultures and climates. I’ll just be coming back from the study abroad program in Korea, so come talk to me if you want to learn a thing or two about it, or if you just want to talk about traveling.

Photo of Camille Daszynski

Camille Daszynski

Biomedical Engineering
San Jose, CA

Hey there! My name is Camille Daszynski and I’m a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineer from the land of no seasons and eternal sunshine way out there on the west coast (San Jose, California). The amazing weather back home has made me a big fan of the outdoors—I love hiking, running, biking, and basically anything and everything that has to do with being outside. I’m ecstatic to be living in the nation’s capital and you can usually find me hanging out in SEH, exploring all the wards of DC, and scoping out the city for the best tacos.

Photo of Jack Eaton

Jack Eaton

Mechanical Engineering
Westwood, MA

I’m a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering, hailing from the great city of Boston (Go Pats, Long Live Brady). I spend most of my time that I’m not in class wandering around DC, in search of dogs to pet, but mostly getting lost (a city with a grid system, what?) or watching the Office (don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched the whole show).


Photo of Gabriela Herrera

Gabriela Herrera

Civil Engineer
Miami, Florida

Hi! My name is Gaby and I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia but was raised in Miami, Florida. I like old classic rock, re-watching TV shows like The Office and Friends. I laugh too hard at my own jokes, eat too much food, and send too many gifs.

Photo of Jared Kern

Jared Kern

Mechanical Engineering
Williamstown, New Jersey

Born and raised in South Jersey, I now spend most of my time exploring DC to find the best places to eat. I enjoy continuing my passion for competitive swimming and have become completely dependent on coffee. If you want to talk about anything pertaining to Breaking Bad or where to find the best sushi, I’m your guy.

Photo of Courtney Krawice

Courtney Krawice

Mechanical Engineering
Sewell, NJ

Welcome to SEAS! I'm Courtney, a South Jersey native, and I have a passion for mechanical engineering and patent law. I love spending summer nights in Ocean City (NJ of course) with water ice in hand. Ways to win over my heart include: eating Baked and Wired, watching oral arguments at the Supreme Court, and exploring DC.


Photo of Melissa Lesner

Melissa Lesner

Civil Engineering
Weston, CT

Civil engineering major from Weston, CT, a place where literally nothing happens. Loves to explore D.C, watch Netflix, and laugh. Will gladly have conversations with anyone regarding Doctor Who or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Photo of Christopher Long

Christopher Long

Electrical Engineering
Philadelphia, PA

I am a senior studying electrical engineering coming from where it’s always sunny, Philadelphia, PA and I love all things soccer. I like to sing, dance, telling hilarious jokes, and play video games even though I might not necessarily be good at any of them. I enjoy chill vibes, watching movies, feeling the travel bug from when I studied abroad in Dublin, exploring DC, and a bunch of other random things.

Photo of Jacari Matthews

Jacari Matthews

Mechanical Engineering
Brooklyn, NYC, NY

Hey! My name is Jacari Matthews, I’m from New York, and I sometimes like to engage in human activities such as attending college, rollerblading, sketching, socializing, museum-ing, and having feelings. I am known to casually carry and drink a half gallon of milk as if it were water, which warrants stares, but it has been 18 years and I think I am finally gaining “their” trust! Go Mets!!

Photo of Jonathan Medley

Jonathan Medley

Biomedical Engineering and Theatre
Richmond, VA


          Jon’s from Virginia.

He likes Netflix and brunch food.

              This is a haiku.

Photo of Sara Melotte

Sara Melotte

Biomedical Engineering
Seattle, WA

Majoring in Biomedical Engineering, I was born and raised in Belgium but have lived in Joisey for five years. Hiking, watching Cosmos documentaries, photography, and reading are a few of my favorite hobbies. I love runs around the National Mall and will happily talk about the new Prison Break revival or my favorite Beefsteak bowl.

Photo of Shea Metzgar

Shea Metzgar

Electrical Engineering
Pittsburgh, PA

I'm from the Steel City of Pittsburgh, but DC has become like a second home. I love running, baking, tea, superheroes, dogs, and adventuring. I'm a senior studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Spanish so come and we can talk about so many wonderfully fun and nerdy things.

Photo of Jillian Miles

Jillian Miles

Systems Engineering
Richmond, VA

A Massachusetts-born, Virginia-raised, Amtrak frequent-traveller, I consider the entire East Coast my home. In DC you’ll find me going to shows at the Kennedy Center, taking long walks to the museums, and relaxing in Foggy Bottom - usually the dance studio, sometimes the SEH. Although some people call me rebellious because of the way I eat a KitKat and where I went abroad (Cape Town!), I am mostly just a calm, positive individual at heart.

Photo of Aiden Murray

Aidan Murray

Biomedical Engineering
Denver, CO

I'm from Denver, CO so you know that I love being outdoors and exploring all the fun opportunities that GW has to offer! I also play for the Club Lacrosse team, and can often be found playing on the vern. My passions also include medicine and volunteering, and I'd love the chance to share my GW experience with you!

Photo of Natalie Rozman

Natalie Rozman

Electrical Engineer
Pittsburgh, PA

Hey everyone! My names Natalie Rozman, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and I’m a senior studying EE. I’m not sporty at all, but am really good at pretending I am (GO STEELERS!). In my free time, I’m busy telling jokes from Portlandia (funniest show hands down – 10/10), eating copious amounts of PB&J’s, and loitering around the SEH.

Headshot of Becca Russo

Bekah Russo

Biomedical Engineering
Hagerstown, MD

Yo yo yo welcome to SEAS, I am a Biomedical Engineering student from the panhandle of Maryland(otherwise known as the part everyone forgets about). I love all science facts so please tell me more. Also I’m still boggled that H. Jon Benjamin voices both Archer and Bob from Bob’s Burgers AND that they did a crossover episode about it.

Photo of Matt Shaeffer

Matt Shaeffer

Mechanical Engineering
Hatboro, Pa

Emerging from the quiet suburbs of Philadelphia, I’ve come to DC as a mechanical engineering student and I plan on leaving a mechanical engineering master. I am interested in all things outdoors, which has led me to pursue a career in sustainability. Feel free on chatting with me about anything, from 17th century European monarchs to the latest internet memes.

Photo of John Shepard

John Shepherd

Computer Science
Memphis, TN

Hey y’all! My name is John, and I was born and raised in good ol’ Memphis, Tennessee. I grew up in a city of amazing food and fantastic music, and as such, I am always looking for a new place to eat and new music to listen to. You can usually find me at the gym, or behind a computer, but if there's coffee in my relative vicinity, I'm most definitely there.

Photo of Nafeez Talukder

Nafeez Talukder

Mechanical Engineering
Boston, MA

Born in Bangladesh, raised in Kentucky, and moved to Boston, I’ve been all around and love exploring new places and people. I’m studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Sustainability, learning to help keep our planet healthy. I’m huge fan of good food, friends, and football.

Photo of Mattie Watson

Mattie Watson

Mechanical Engineering
Columbia, SC

Born and raised in the beautiful state of South Carolina, I bring southern hospitality and hoard chick-fil-a. Now in DC, I study Mechanical Engineering, frequent brunch, and can find a pun for every situation. My main hobbies include baking, karaoke, Buzzfeed quizzes, and any combination of the three.

Photo of Caitlin Whitter

Caitlin Whitter

Computer Science
Washington, DC

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a Washington D.C. native, majoring in computer science. In my natural habitat, you can find me programming, reading, browsing the Internet, or exploring D.C. with friends. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so if you ever want to discuss The Boy Who Lived, SEAS, or those pesky bugs in your code, do not hesitate to find me.

Photo of Zack Williams

Zack Williams

Biomedical Engineering
Ballston Spa, NY

I was born in Richmond, VA, but grew up in Upstate New York. Currently a sophomore biomedical engineering major, I hope to one day impact the medical field. I’m a die-hard sports fan and my favorite teams are the New York Yankees, Giants and Rangers.

Photo of Jennifer Wright

Jennifer Wright

Computer Science
Seattle, WA

Hello! My name is Jen Wright and I am from Seattle. I love everything Seahawks, but if you’re not a fan, no worries! I love being outside so you can find me leaping across the national mall, running around the Lincoln, skiing in the mountains in the winter or canoeing through rapids in the summer.




Transfer Student Mentors

Photo of Reem Eltahir

Reem Eltahir

Computer Engineering
Northern Virginia

I'm from the suburbs of Northern Virginia and originally from Sudan. Everyone says I love socializing almost any time of the day, so I'd like to think that's true. I love playing ball, swimming, and taking selfies! Don't hesitate to stop me and talk, also I am a pro at finding shortcuts to almost anything, just ask.

Photo of Marcel Isper

Marcel Isper

Biomedical Engineering
Millersville, MD

A quirky, trilingual socialite raised in the suburbs of Annapolis, I am either known for my impressive collection of designer shoes or my ability to understand organic chemistry (I’ve been told it’s a gift). As a Syrian, I am always on the look-out for some great Mediterranean food in D.C., and no, Roti doesn’t count. When I’m not studying in SEH until 3AM, you can find me doing squats in HellWell or growing cells at the medical school.