Meet the Mentors

Freshman Mentors

Photo of Rachel Irwin

Rachael Irwin

SEASSPAN President
Biomedical Engineering

Clifton Park, NY

Hey y'all! I’m a biomedical engineering major from Upstate NY. You can almost always find me in SEH at 3 am, Diet Coke in hand. Some of my favorite things include: grabbing dinner at Vapiano with friends, watching hockey, taking my horoscope a little too seriously, being on a first name basis with the employees at GW Deli, and talking about airplanes.

Photo of Jordan Askey

Jordan Askey

SEASSPAN Vice-President
Systems Engineering
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Born and raised on the Philadelphia Main Line, I'm excited to be living and studying in the nation's capital! I'm a systems engineering major and the SEASSPAN Vice President by day and the executive producer for student theater by night! Talk to me about Systems, Panera Tomato Soup, House of Cards, and 30 Rock! Welcome to GW!

Photo of Andrew da Costa

Andrew da Costa

SEASSPAN Events Coordinator
Electrical Engineering
Framingham, MA

Hello, my name is Andrew and I am a senior majoring in electrical engineering from Framingham, MA. Despite being EE I love to live off the grid and enjoy the beauty of nature. My dream is to adventure all over the world and experience all types of cultures and climates. I'll be happily coordinating events for SEASSPAN related events, so come talk to me if you have any great ideas.

Photo of Camille Daszynski

Camille Daszynski

SEASSPAN Secretary
Biomedical Engineering

San Jose, CA

Hey Guys! My name is Camille—I’m a junior biomedical engineer from the land of hella sunshine, beach-side views, avocados, and dudes catching gnarly waves and I'm also your SEASSPAN Secretary! I'm a big fan of the outdoors—I love hiking in Virginia, running the monuments, biking through Georgetown, and walking by the waterfront. I’m ecstatic to be living in DC and you're welcome to join me while I hang out in SEH, scope out the city for the best hummus, and enjoy life here to the fullest! :)

Photo of Jaclyn Bellefeuille

Jaclyn Bellefeuille

Systems Engineering
Eden Prairie, MN

Hey Guys, I’m Jackie, a senior majoring in systems engineering with minors in computer science and political science. I’m from the Land of 10,000 Lakes (Minnesota) and so I love being outdoors whether I’m swimming, hiking, or just going for a stroll around the monuments in DC. You’ll find me in the SEH, the National Gallery of Art, or at the movie theater.

Photo of Marie-Laure Brossay in snowbank

Marie-laure Brossay

Computer Engineering
Cranston, RI

Hey guys! I'm Marie, a senior hailing from the smallest state, Rhode Island. My primary topics of conversation include engineering (go Women in STEM!), study abroad (if you didn't know, I went to Korea), Alternative Breaks, LGBTQ+ and women's rights, and general French things (it's my first language). I promise I have other interests though, and I can definitely find something in common with almost anyone.

Picture of Steven Brunetto

Steven Brunetto

Mechanical Engineering
Hawthorne, NY

I am a mechanical engineering major concentrating in aerospace (planes are cool) from Hawthorne, NY. I love skiing, model rockets, airplanes and traveling. My favorite past time while I'm at GW is going for really long runs all over DC.

Picture of Caitlin Carfano

Caitlin Carfano

Electrical Engineering
Toms River, NJ

Why do Java programmers have to wear glasses? Because they don’t C#. Hey guys, I’m Caitlin, an electrical engineering major who loves making programming jokes, drinking too much coffee, complaining about running (while I’m running to the Capitol), and reading psychology books.

Photo of Parmvir Chahal

Parmvir Chahal

Computer Engineering
Alexandria, VA

Hi guys! I'm Parm and I'm a senior from Northern Virginia majoring in computer engineering. If I'm not doing homework or studying in SEH, you'll find me at Starbucks, dancing to Bhangra music, promoting some event or another, or laughing about literally anything ranging from corny jokes to How I Met Your Mother and New Girl. I also love exploring new places and you won't ever catch me not coordinating my turban with my outfits.

Photo of Patrick Cody

Patrick Cody

Computer Science
Glastonbury, CT

Hi everyone, I’m Pat, a junior studying computer science. Coming from rural Connecticut, I love that I can now walk to Chipotle, and I guess having the White House in my backyard is pretty cool too. I’m always down to have a debate over the latest movies, or visit one of the million museums in the city (if you haven’t been to Newseum, check it out!). If I’m taking a break from programming, you can find me shooting photos at the monuments, binge-watching Netflix, or scouring the city for new food options.

Photo of Samsara Counts

Samsara Counts

Computer Science and Mathematics
Fort Worth, TX

Hey, I'm Samsara, a senior double-majoring in computer science and math with a minor in creative writing from Fort Worth, Texas. To make it a-pun-dantly clear: my hobbies are making puns, engineering (and CS) memes, literature, and indie music. Outside of doing research and studying in the SEH, I enjoy chilling with friends, wholesome memes, and ACM Game Nights.

Photo of Jack Eaton

Jack Eaton

Mechanical Engineering
Westwood, MA

Hi everyone! I’m a senior, majoring in mechanical engineering with a business minor. I hail from the great city of Boston (Go Pats, Long Live Brady) and my favorite activity during the fall semester is counting down the days until it's cold enough to start wearing jackets and sweaters. When I'm not praying away the heat I'm either hunting down a new coffee spot or looking for a dog to pet. I love SEAS and I can't wait to get to know you all!!

Photo of Isabella Evangelista

Isabella Evangelista

Civil Engineering
Media, PA

Hi, everyone! My name is Isabella and I am a civil engineer originally from Media, PA. If I’m not at a dance or theatre rehearsal somewhere, I’m probably in the SEH studying with friends. I’m always down for late-night monument walks, making arts and crafts, or going to a concert!

Photo of Delaney Foster

Delaney Foster

Mechanical Engineering
Seattle, WA

Hello, I am Delaney Foster and when I grow up I want to build robots. I am a mechanical engineering student from Seattle, Washington. You can always find me with a Starbucks cup in hand and candy in my pocket! If I had to describe myself in three fictional characters it would be Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Photo of Katherine Goldrick

Katherine Goldrick

Biomedical Engineering
Wantagh, NY

I’m a gal from a very Long Island who wishes she was Wonder Woman and will never be tired of the GW Deli. In my spare time, (meaning not on the 3rd floor of Gelman) I enjoy running with friends, being that crazy person in Zumba, loving the outdoors, talking to my many quadruplet siblings, and exploring all DC has to offer! I hope to attend medical school, unless my Hogwarts Letter finally arrives.

Photo of Joshua Groover

Joshua Groover

Mechanical Engineering
Memphis, TN

Hello, my name is Joshua Groover. I am a mechanical engineering major and (originally) from Orlando, FL but most recently lived in Memphis, TN. I quite enjoy fashion (specifically Parisian) and having an excessively long yet inherently necessary skincare routine. My life goal is to first help create the technology needed to colonize, and then become the first Governor of the Moon.

Photo of Gabriela Herrera

Gabriela Herrera

Civil Engineering
Miami, FL

Hi! My name is Gaby and I am a junior civil engineer. I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia but was raised in Miami, Florida. I like old classic rock, re-watching TV shows like The Office and Friends, and scootering around DC. I laugh too hard at my own jokes, eat too much food, and send too many gifs.

Photo of Marcel Isper

Marcel Isper

Biomedical Engineering
Millersville, MD

As a Syrian and Marylander, I’m the best of both worlds (literally?). I’m the person to find if you want to know the best Middle Eastern food or Bubble tea around. If you ever need someone to talk to or to give you a pep talk, you’ll find me somewhere in SEH because that’s definitely my home. Plus, if you ever need to make a major life decision I’ll be happy to send over a Buzzfeed quiz to help you out and talk about it of course!

Photo of Prabhlean Kaur

Prabhlean Kaur

Mechanical Engineering
Carteret, NJ

Hello! I’m Prabhlean. Several of my friends call me Prabh and I was born in Punjab, India but I have spent all my life in the great state of New Jersey. You can find me in SEH B1 like any of my fellow engineers but other than that, I might be at Whole Foods getting ingredients for some new recipe I’m trying. Oh, also, I can quote “The Office” like it’s my job.

Photo of Jared Kern

Jared Kern

Mechanical Engineering
Williamstown, NJ

Born and raised in South Jersey, I now spend most of my time exploring DC to find the best places to eat. You can most likely find me playing frisbee on the National Mall or sleep deprived with a coffee somewhere in SEH. If you want to talk about anything pertaining to Breaking Bad or where to find the best sushi, I’m your guy. I’ll just be coming back with the travel bug from a semester in Dublin, so feel free to reach out with any study abroad questions!

Photo of Julie Kobyra

Julie Kobyra

Biomedical Engineering
Wilton, CT

Hey guys! My name is Julie Kobyra and I am a rising junior majoring in biomedical engineering. I am from a small town in Connecticut with the best fall weather one could ever imagine. I love to hike with my dog and spend time with family. One can usually find me SEH or reading all different genres of books in my bed!

Photo of Melissa Lesner

Melissa Lesner

Civil Engineering
Weston, CT

Hey guys! I'm a senior civil engineering major who spends most of her time looking at pictures of dogs and laughing at bad jokes. When I'm not doing those things, I love to explore DC and all that that the city has to offer! If you need to find me, you can probably hear me within a 10 mile radius of campus because I have a loud voice. Talk to me about your favorite TV shows, the ridiculous amounts of coffee you drink (oh is that just me?), or where to find the most dogs on campus.

Photo of Karen Mani

Karen Mani

Computer Science
Staten Island, NY

Hi guys! I'm Karen and I am currently a rising sophomore studying computer science with a minor in psychology and music. I'm from New York, about a half hour from the city! On campus, you can find me probably hanging out with friends and my Bhangra team in District basement, at Panera with my sorority sisters, studying in SEH or Marvin 5th floor, crying on the fourth floor of Tompkins, or sitting out in Kogan when it's nice out! I cannot wait to hang out with my mentees and be there for y'all so please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Photo of Jonathan Medley

Jonathan Medley

Biomedical Engineering
Richmond, VA


                Jon’s from Virginia.

      He likes Netflix and brunch food.

                    This is a haiku.

Photo of Gareth Norris

Gareth Norris

Systems Engineering
Cincinnati, OH

Hey! I’m Gareth Norris, a systems engineer from the confusingly named suburb of Wyoming, Ohio, where I played soccer, performed in theatre, and did Relay for Life. I spend a lot of time doing theatre now, but I like trying as many different clubs as possible (I’m going to try fencing next, so hit me up if you want to stab me with a sword). I love exploring DC, wearing bright colored pants and meeting new people, especially if it involves debating the correct name of almond milk vs. almond juice!

Photo of Sarah Olsen

Sarah Olsen

Civil Engineering
Doylestown, PA

My name is Sarah, and I'm slightly obsessed with outer space and cats. Ask me about musical theatre, French, or the difference between cement and concrete and I will likely be your friend forever. I love talking to people, so please don't hesitate to reach out (you can usually find me in the SEH, the basement of District, or the dance studio in Marvin) if you have any questions!

Photo of Elizabeth Pasnik

Elizabeth Pasnik

Civil Engineering
Buffalo, NY

Hey! My name is Liz Pasnik and I’m a civil engineering major from Buffalo, New York – home of disappointing sports teams (#BillsMafia), chicken wings, and abundant amounts of snow. You can find me at Starbucks, walking around the monuments, or talking about Orange is the New Black to anyone who will listen. If you like Buffalo Wild Wings then I probably can’t trust you, but if not, I can’t wait to become great friends!

Headshot of Bekah Russo

Bekah Russo

Biomedical Engineering
Hagerstown, MD

Hi friends, I am a biomedical engineering major (and hopefully a math minor) from western Maryland. I do research with a professor and my favorite part is cuddling the lab rats. I love all science facts so please tell me more. Also I’m still boggled that H. Jon Benjamin voices both Archer and Bob from Bob’s Burgers AND that they did a crossover episode about it.

Headshot of Katelyn Russo

Katelyn Russo

Computer Science
Sudbury, MA

Hey guys! My name is Katelyn Russo and I am a sophomore computer science major from Sudbury, MA. You can normally find me either in SEH all day or in some random theater rehearsal all night. My hobbies include living on the 6th floor of SEH, 2 am trips for Ethiopian food, and having a steadily growing caffeine addiction. If you’re ever in need of a pep talk or a good old fashion cry, my door is always open!

Headshot of Lily Schwarz

Lily Schwarz

Computer Science
White Salmon, WA

Hey guys! My name is Lily Schwarz, and I’m a computer science major from the other Washington! I love going on late-night monument walks, eating mozzarella sticks after midnight, and petting dogs. Catch me procrastinating in SEH, drinking way too much coffee, heelying down the national mall, and expressing strong opinions on bubble tea.

Photo of Caroline Walton

Caroline Walton

Systems Engineering
Wellesley, MA

Hey guys! I'm a sophomore systems engineering major from Wellesley, MA. I love to talk funky Boston terminology and our sports teams (yes, we're all wicked big fans of every sport and Tom Brady IS the GOAT). I also love to walk around and explore, and discuss less controversial topics than football's greatest quarterback, so don't be afraid to ask me anything!

Photo of Zack Williams

Zack Williams

Biomedical Engineering
Ballston Spa, NY

I’m currently a junior biomedical engineering major returning from a semester abroad in Dublin. When I’m not in SEH studying you can probably find me eating different foods somewhere around campus or at the gym refereeing intramural sports games. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan but I love talking about all sports so feel free to come chat about the latest news.

Photo of Jennifer Wright

Jennifer Wright

Computer Science
Seattle, WA

Hello! My name is Jen Wright and I am from Seattle. I'm a rising third year studying computer science and I love dogs! In my free time you can catch my running on the national mall, reading a good book or hanging out with friends. Can’t wait to meet you all soon!