Meet the Mentors

First-Year Mentors


Camille Daszynski

SEASSPAN President
Biomedical Engineering

San Jose, CA

Hey guys, I’m Camille! I’m a senior biomedical engineer from the land of hella sunshine, beach-side views, avocados, and the beautiful bay — and I'm also your SEASSPAN President! I'm a big fan of the outdoors; I love hiking, running the monuments, biking through Georgetown, and walking along the waterfront. I’m ecstatic to be living in DC and I can’t wait to meet you all! Feel free to join me while I hang out in SEH with a Peet’s drink in hand, scope out the city for the coolest events, watch the sunset from the Lincoln, and enjoy life to the fullest! :)


Pat Cody

SEASSPAN Vice-President
Computer Science
Glastonbury, CT

Hey everyone! I'm Pat, a senior in computer science from rural Connecticut AND your SEASSPAN vice president! This fall I'll have just returned from my semester spent in Dublin, so if you feel like listening to me ramble about my time in Ireland, ask away (it's amazing, in case you were wondering). Some of my hobbies include escaping to the SEH, escaping from the SEH, photography, and pursuing my quest to find the best coffee shop in DC. I also am super involved with a lot of the CS orgs here, so if that sounds cool then come find me! I can't wait to meet y'all!


Katie Goldrick

SEASSPAN Events Coordinator
Biomedical Engineering
Wantagh, NY

I’m a gal from a very Long Island. My hobbies include being that crazy person in Zumba, traveling to wherever cheap bus rides can get me, looking for adequate Wonder Woman halloween costumes, talking to my many quadruplet siblings, and going for runs all over DC. I hope to attend medical school unless my Hogwarts Letter finally arrives. I am looking forward to coordinating upcoming SEASSPAN events, so if you have any desires/suggestions then please come talk to me!


Gareth Norris

SEASSPAN Secretary
Systems Engineering

Cincinnati, OH

Hello, friends! I'm Gareth Norris, a junior systems engineer from the confusingly named suburb of Wyoming, Ohio. You can usually find me hiding away in the basement of Phillips, singing instead of doing homework. My other passions include memorizing country capitals, exploring the city, and brightly colored pants. I've just gotten back from my semester in Korea, so hit me up if you have any questions about study abroad!


Cade Adelman

Biomedical Engineering
Chicago, IL

What's up guys! My name is Cade and I'm a biomedical engineer from Chicago. You'll be able to spot me as the guy who always likes to wear shorts no matter what weather it is outside. My hobbies include staying active and playing video games. I'll always be down for some chill/competitive gaming and relaxing with friends.


Khala Antoine

Civil Engineering
New York, NY

I am one of those people who is shy at first but will probably talk your ear off once I get comfortable with you (I’ll try not to I promise!). I’m more of a chill with a few friends with great vibes type of person but I also party and go to concerts every once in a while. I also love to write and perform poetry. If you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hey! Looking forward to meeting you all.


Steven Brunetto

Mechanical Engineering
Hawthorne, NY

I am a mechanical engineering major concentrating in aerospace (planes are cool) from Hawthorne, NY. I love skiing, model rockets, airplanes and traveling. My favorite past time while I'm at GW is going for really long runs all over DC.


Sarah Cassway

Systems Engineering
Cherry Hill, NJ

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m a sophomore Systems Engineer and Sustainability minor from Cherry Hill, NJ. I love scuba diving, traveling and cooking. You will typically find me playing field hockey, running around DC or exploring new restaurants. I’m always down for an adventure so if you like to explore don’t hesitate to reach out!


Elena De Lucia

Mechanical Engineering
Mamaroneck, NY

Hey guys! My name is Elena and I am a currently a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. I am from Westchester New York (no not upstate.). I enjoy traveling around D.C finding cute places to eat, frequently visiting Georgetown, and late night walks with friends to the monuments. I am crazy obsessed with my dog, even though he hates me, and I am a huge Friends, and New Girl finatic.


Michael Degaga

Biomedical Engineering
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Hi. My name is Michael, and I am a sophomore studying Biomedical engineering, with a possible minor in Electrical Engineering. I love biking in DC, playing basketball, and reading about all-things history-related. I am originally from Ethiopia, and would be happy to fill you up with the history and culture of that part of the world.

Photo of Isabella Evangelista

Isabella Evangelista

Civil Engineering
Media, PA

Hi, everyone! My name is Isabella and I am a civil engineer originally from Media, PA. If I’m not at a dance or theatre rehearsal somewhere, I’m probably in the SEH studying with friends. I’m always down for late-night monument walks, making arts and crafts, or going to a concert!

Photo of Delaney Foster

Delaney Foster

Mechanical Engineering
Seattle, WA

Hello, I am Delaney Foster and when I grow up I want to build robots. I am a mechanical engineering student from Seattle, Washington. Being from the PNW, I naturally love exploring the outdoors and finding fun coffee shops to study in! I spend my free time CADing in Tompkins, laboring away in the machine shop, and hanging out with friends. I have the biggest sweet tooth, so if you ever need a little sugar pick-me-up, I've always got candy on hand! I can't wait to meet you all!

Photo of Cale

Cale Gabrynowicz

Mechanical Engineering
Madison, CT

Hi, my name is Cale Gabrynowicz, an aspiring mechanical engineering major from Madison, Connecticut. There’s something about the mellow sound of a tenor saxophone that I love more than Tostitos Pizza Roles, and I always enjoy my weekend runs by all the amazing monuments in the National Mall. Someday, I wish to own my own McLaren 720S, but if I’m completely honest, my real dream is to build my own hypercar.

Photo of Gabriela Herrera

Gabriela Herrera 

Civil Engineering
Miami, FL

Hi! My name is Gaby and I am a senior civil engineer. I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia but was raised in Miami, Florida. I like old classic rock music, watching shows like Broad City or Game of Thrones, and scootering around DC. I laugh too hard at my own jokes, eat too much food, and send too many gifs.

Photo of Alyssa Ilaria

Alyssa Ilaria

Computer Science
Zionsville, IN

Hey y'all:) My name is Alyssa Ilaria and I am a rising sophomore with a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Criminal Justice aiming to have a career in cybersecurity! I come from a small town in Indiana but I absolutely LOVE being in Washington D.C.! I spend most of my time at Starbucks, the basement of SEH drawing on the whiteboards, and the movies (being the huge movie buff that I am!) I am so excited to meet all of you and make your first year at GW amazing:)

Photo of Rishi Jarmarwala

Rishi Jarmarwala

Civil Engineering
Edison, NJ

YURRRRRRRR! If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m from Edison, New Jersey. I am a rising Junior who is majoring in Civil Engineering. Little known hobbies of mine include photography, music, and playing the drums. If you see an embarrassingly loud guy joking around with his friends in public, that is most likely me.

Photo of Jared Kern

Jared Kern

Mechanical Engineering
Williamstown, NJ

Born and raised in South Jersey, I now spend most of my time exploring DC to find the best places to eat. You can most likely find me playing frisbee on the National Mall or sleep deprived with a coffee somewhere in SEH. If you want to talk about anything pertaining to Breaking Bad or where to find the best sushi, I’m your guy.

Photo of Julie Kobyra

Julie Kobyra

Biomedical Engineering
Wilton, CT

Hey guys! My name is Julie Kobyra and I am a senior majoring in biomedical engineering. I am from a small town in Connecticut with the best fall weather one could ever imagine. I love to hike with my dog and spend time with family. One can usually find me SEH or reading all different genres of books in my bed!

Photo of Karen Mani

Karen Mani

Computer Science
Staten Island, NY

Hey guys! I am a junior majoring in Computer Science with double minors in Music and Psychology (yeah that's a mouthful!). On a good day, you can find me hanging out in Kogan with some engineers, grabbing Panera with friends, or hanging out in District basement with my dance team. On a bad day, you'll find me burrowed in a corner in District basement studying hard (feel free to deliver me coffee or cupcakes if you see me on a bad day)! Raise High, Class of 2023, and always remember, a hot dog is not a sandwich ;)

Photo of Liz

Liz Pasnik

Civil Engineering
Buffalo, NY

Hey! My name is Liz Pasnik and I’m a civil engineering major from Buffalo, New York – home of disappointing sports teams (#BillsMafia), chicken wings, and abundant amounts of snow. You can find me at Starbucks, walking around the monuments, or talking about Survivor to anyone who will listen. If you like Buffalo Wild Wings then I probably can’t trust you, but if not, I can’t wait to become great friends!

Photo of Nathan Pen

Nathan Pen

Electrical Engineering
Longmeadow, MA

Hi I’m Nathan Pen an EE major from Longmeadow MA, some call it the middle of nowhere but I call it home (I mean we got the basketball hall of fame about 10 minutes away c’mon). I have always had a love for cars and skiing my entire life, and now that I’m in DC with neither of those, I like to take runs around the monuments so I guess you can say I have a need for speed. When I’m not hanging out in my dorm or with my friends you can probably catch me in gelman online shopping, watching Cody Ko, and eating Whole Foods while pretending to study until 11pm when reality finally kicks in.

Photo of Alexis

Alexis Renderos

Mechanical Engineering
Fairfax, VA

Hey everyone! My name is Alexis Renderos and I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering! I was born and raised in Fairfax, VA which is 20-30 minutes away from GW. I am a huge basketball, football, and soccer fan so if ya want to talk about sports I’m your guy! Welcome to SEAS and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Photo of Alexa

Alexa Rosdahl

Systems Engineering
Prescott, AZ

Hi my name is Alexa Rosdahl and I am majoring in Systems Engineering. I am from Arizona, the land of Cacti, but I bet I will be the first to inform you that it SNOWS in Arizona! I enjoy spending my time outdoors and taking in the beauty of DC. You can probably finding me in Georgetown looking for a good dessert, gossiping about the latest episode of the Bachelor, stopping to pet every dog I pass, or quoting the movie Elf. I am looking for new places and things to see, so feel free to tell me about your favorite places to explore!

Photo of Katelyn Russo

Katelyn Russo

Systems Engineering
Sudbury, MA

Hi friends! My name is Katelyn Russo and I am a junior studying Systems Engineering from Sudbury, MA. In the day, SEH is my home and at night, catch me in some dance or theater rehearsal. I love staying active, spreadsheets, and refusing to call my caffeine addiction a ‘problem.’

Photo of Katelyn

Lily Schwarz

Computer Science
White Salmon, WA

Hey guys! My name is Lily Schwarz, and I’m a computer science major from the other Washington! I love going on late-night monument walks, eating mozzarella sticks after midnight, and petting dogs. Catch me procrastinating in SEH, drinking way too much coffee, heelying down the national mall, and expressing strong opinions on bubble tea.

Photo of Zachary

Zachary Stecher

Civil Engineering
Atlantic City, NJ

I am a civil engineering major and business administration minor from Atlantic City, New Jersey, otherwise known as the Las Vegas of the East, and double as a lifeguard in the summertime. You may bump into me around the city combining my hobbies of running and sight seeing (feel free to stop me or catch up if you’re a conversationalist). I have strong opinions on many topics and am prepared to talk you to death if you bring up any Christopher Nolan film, Game of Thrones, or study abroad.

Photo of Mercedes

Mercedes Suazo

Biomedical Engineering
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

My name is Mercedes Suazo and I’m a biomedical engineering major. My interests include trying new food with my friends and telling myself I will go to bed early, then staying up until 3am. I love learning about different music and art styles. I’m a big fan of making bad SpongeBob-related references, cats, and going to multiple concerts around DC. If you see me around campus, don’t be shy and come say hi!

Photo of Bryson

Bryson Toth

Civil Engineering
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Hey all! My name is Bryson and I'm majoring in civil engineering with a minor in mechanical engineering. I've lived in southern California for all of my life (yes, I did see snow before moving to DC and no, I do not surf), so moving to Washington D.C. was a big lifestyle change. I love anything that deals with the outdoors, cars, or concrete (weird combination, I know). On the weekend you can usually find me studying in SEH or refereeing a local soccer game. Pro tip: get a hammock to lounge on the national mall when it's warm out!

Photo of Noah

Noah Tull

Mechanical Engineering
Lancaster, PA

The first thing you will notice about me is my height, but don't let my lanky 6'7" frame scare you away!! I'm a gentle giant (and no I do not play basketball here at GW). I am a mechanical engineering major from Lancaster County Pennsylvania, famously known for its large Amish population. I love exploring the great city we live in and listening to music, usually at the same time, so if you want to explore let me know! Random fact, my favorite thing in the world is Adidas if you need Adidas specific fashion advice I'm your guy. More seriously though, if you ever need to chat, rant, or even just someone to listen I'm here so don't be afraid to reach out! I'm PUMPED to meet you guys soon!!

Photo of Arjun

Arjun Vijay

Computer Science
Portland, OR

Hey everyone! I’m Arjun and I’m a computer science major from Portland, Oregon. In addition to writing my famously witty Instagram captions, I really enjoy cooking different types of food, running along the Theodore Roosevelt Island, and hanging out in coffee shops around Adams Morgan. If you ever need help finding the best (and cheapest!) restaurants in the area or getting just the right wording for your Instagram post, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Photo of Caroline Walton

Caroline Walton

Systems Engineering
Boston, MA

Hey guys! I'm a junior systems engineering major from Boston, MA. I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland and love to talk about traveling. I also love to talk about everything from Boston sports teams to hidden gems of DC, so don't be afraid to ask me anything!

Photo of George Wang

George Wang

Mechanical Engineering
Portland, OR

Hey guys! I'm George from Portland Oregon. I am majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in systems engineering. I love to ski, hike, and ballroom dance. Feel free to ask me any questions about school, life or anything else. Welcome to GW!

Photo of Zack Williams

Zack Williams

Biomedical Engineering
Ballston Spa, NY

Hey everyone! My name is Zack and I’m currently a senior biomedical engineering student. When I’m not in SEH studying you can probably find me eating different foods somewhere in D.C. or at the gym refereeing intramural sports games. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan but I love talking about all sports so feel free to come chat about the latest sports news.

Photo of Jennifer Wright

Jennifer Wright

Computer Science
Seattle, WA

Hello! My name is Jen Wright and I am from Seattle. I'm a rising senior studying computer science and I love dogs! In my free time you can catch my running on the national mall, reading a good book or hanging out with friends. Can’t wait to meet you all soon!

Photo of Mona

Mona Ziaei

Biomedical Engineering
Long Island, NY

Hi everyone, I’m Mona a biomedical engineering major and a true Long Islander. You can catch me holding Peet’s cawfee and j-walking my way past 22nd ST straight to the SEH. I love to talk A LOT, so hit me up for a nice chat about how DC lacks real pizza and bagels. Also, go Giants.