Resume Sample

(Instructions appear in italic with yellow highlighting inside parenthesis.)
(Font: resume should be in either Times New Roman 12 pt or Arial 12 pt.)

First & Last Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Home: (202)994-0000
Cell: (202)000-0000
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
The George Washington University
Washington, DC
Expected date of graduation, May 2011

(List each position chronologically backwards, most recent position first. Use present tense language if you are in the job now. Use past tense language if you did the job in the past.)

Name of Company (Use bold typeface.)
City & State
Month & Year - present
(Use the tab key to line up. Spell out the month, year appears as 4 digits, such as “2008”)
Job Title (Use italic typeface for Job Title.)
(List job duties in order of importance.
Begin each line with an action word, such as “manage”, “ coordinate”, “install”, etc. Bold key or “buzz” words.)
Name of Company
City & State
Month & Year (begin) - Month & Year (end)

Job Title

First & Last Name
Page Two

MS Word, PowerPoint

Spanish – written (fluent), spoken (conversational)

(List any memberships/student associations/ volunteer experience here.)

References available upon request.
(The above phrase is in italic and centered.)

Also you can download this file just clic here