Digital Form Submission for SEAS Undergraduates

You can submit a form once it has been signed using the links below. Please note the following before submitting your form:

  • You should only submit one form at a time through the portal.
  • The form must be a PDF and must contain all attachments associated with that form.
  • You should use the following nomenclature and format to label the form:
    Last Name_First Name_Form Name_Date

Note: Students submitting an RTF for courses in the following departments must obtain department approval in addition to faculty approval. Please submit your signed form to these departments for department approval after receiving the faculty signature before submitting below.



Academic History Update

Last Name_First Name_AcadHist_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Application for Double Degree

Last Name_First Name_DoubDeg_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Application for Credit Overload

Last Name_First Name_Overload_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Complete Withdrawal

Last Name_First Name_Withdrawal_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Consortium Registration

Last Name_First Name_Consortium_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Continuous Enrollment/Leave of Absence

Last Name_First Name_EnrollAbsence_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Course Substitution

Last Name_First Name_Sub_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Course Waiver

Last Name_First Name_Waiver_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Declaration of Minor

Last Name_First Name_Minor_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

First Year Forgiveness

Last Name_First Name_FYForgive_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Humanities and Social Science

Last Name_First Name_HSS_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Late Graduation Application

Last Name_First Name_LateGrad_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Major/Advisor/Curriculum Update

Last Name_First Name_MACupdate_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Petition for Exception

Last Name_First Name_Exception_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Registration Transaction Form

Last Name_First Name_RTF_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Request for an Incomplete

Last Name_First Name_Incomplete_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Study Abroad Advising Form

Last Name_First Name_SAAF_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Technical Elective

Last Name_First Name_Tech_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Undergraduate Advising Form

Last Name_First Name_UAF_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Transfer Credit Approval Form

Last Name_First Name_TCAF_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

SP2020 Grade Mode Change Form

Last Name_First Name_PNP_DATE(MM.DD.YY)

Select the link to your primary major's dropbox and upload your form(s):