February 10-16, 2014


February 10, 2014

Faculty News

Media Mentions:

Allan Friedman (visiting fellow, Cyber Security and Policy Research Institute) was quoted in the February 7 Washington Post blog article, “No, your phone will not get hacked just by turning it on in Russia.”

Lance Hoffman (CS) addressed the federal government’s cyber security efforts in a February 4 interview on KOKI (Fox), Tulsa, OK. A portion of the interview also aired on Fox radio.

“Oil spill risks would rise from three major projects: U.S. study,” a February 2 article in the Vancouver Sun quotes the maritime risk study conducted by Prof. Rene van Dorp (EMSE) and others, and it mentions GW. The Vancouver Sun is the most prominent newspaper in British Columbia, Canada.


Prof. Matthew Kay's (ECE) research team has published the following article: N.G. Posnack, R. Jaimes III, H. Asfour, L.M. Swift, A.M. Wengrowski, N.A. Sarvazyan, and M.W. Kay. “Bisphenol A Exposure and Cardiac Electrical Conduction in Excised Rat Hearts,” Environmental Health Perspectives, 2014. This journal has an impact factor of 7.26 and is the second-ranked journal in public, environmental, and occupational health research. Prof. Kay is the senior author on the publication.

Prof. Ergun Simsek (ECE) recently published a journal article with his colleagues at Istanbul Technical University: R. Sahin, E. Simsek, and S. Akturk. “Nanoscale patterning of graphene through femtosecond laser ablation,” Applied Physics Letters104, 053118 (2014).

Prof. Joost Santos (EMSE) has co-authored the following journal article: K.D. Yu, R.R. Tan, K.B. Aviso, M.A.B. Promentilla, and J.R. Santos. “A vulnerability index for post-disaster resource allocation,” Economic Systems Research, Vol. 26, Issue 1, pp. 60-80.

Student News

On January  16, MAE doctoral candidates Samudra Haque, Joe Lukas, and George Teel presented a poster, “A 4-channel Micro-Cathode Arc Thruster (μCAT) subsystem for the BRICSat-P Cubesat mission,” at the 2014 AIAA Scitech Conference, held in Oxen Hill, MD. The AIAA video, which includes their presentation, is now online at.

Other News

SEAS Computing Facility (CF) software updates: In partnership with the Columbian College, SEAS CF now offers SPSS to SEAS students, faculty and staff. SEAS CF also has upgraded its Tecplot licenses to a site license to meet the increased use of Tecplot licenses. For more information or questions about either of these updates, please email:[email protected].

Guest Vignette

Microfluidics and Nanophotonics - NanoTools for Biology and Medecine

Biologists have long sought the ability to study fundamental biological processes in individual cells such as a stem cell or a developing embryo. However, until recently no such tools have been available. To address this unmet need, Prof. Li's group is using modern microfluidic technology to develop automated single cell bio-processors that can simultaneously measure gene expression profiles of 32 embryonic stem cells. Such novel single cell analysis tools may one day help biologists discover what gives embryonic stem cells their pluripotency, or what gene mutations turn a healthy cell cancerous.

A second focus of Prof. Li's group is a new research area called optofluidics, which is also enabled by the ability to manipulate liquids at small length scales, in this case as small as the wavelength of light. By integrating photonic and fluidic functions on a single chip, optofluidics not only gives rise to highly compact “lab-on-a-chip” systems, but also enables adaptive and reconfigurable nanophotonic devices via microfluidic manipulation. For example, Prof. Li's group has built a miniature liquid dye laser, the size of a quarter, with reconfigurable optical performances; and a liquid grating spectrometer with sub-nanometer resolution and a footprint of only 5mm by 8mm. Such optofluidic integration can help build truly handheld biosensors, i.e. a medical tricorder, for point-of-care diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and food safety inspection.  (Provided courtesy of Prof. Zhenyu Li of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

SEAS Events

ECE Seminar: “Magnetic Nanostructures for MRI Applications”
Speaker: Dr. Mladin Barbic, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Tuesday, February 11
10:30 am (A free intercampus shuttle leaves the downtown campus at 9:50 am)
Suite 204 Exploration Hall, The Virginia Science and Technology Campus

MAE Seminar: “Drag Augmentation via Supersonic Retropropulsion for Atmospheric Deceleration”
Speaker: Dr. Noel Bakhtian, U.S. Department of Energy
Tuesday, February 11
3:00 pm
736 Phillips Hall

8th Annual SEAS Student Research & Development Showcase
Wednesday, February 19
12:00 – 3:00 pm (Poster set-up, Judging)
  3:00 – 6:00 pm (Opens to the public)
Marvin Center Grand Ballroom
More info
Note: All guests (faculty, staff, student participants and their mentors, alumni and others) must RSVP to attend the Showcase.

The Engineers’ Ball: A night of fine dining, dancing, and celebrating our engineering faculty, staff and students
Saturday, February 22
Cocktail Reception: 6:30 pm
Dinner & Dancing: 7:30 pm
Tickets are available in Tompkins 104

  • Engineering undergrad $30
  • Non-engineering undergrad $35
  • Faculty, staff, grad students $40

Questions? Contact E-Council at: [email protected]

Society of Women Engineers (SWE): Networking Night for Students, Faculty, and Alumni
Wednesday, February 26
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Duques Hall, 6th Floor
The GW student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers invites SEAS alumni, students, and faculty to their spring networking night. Meet new contacts and reconnect with familiar faces. Refreshments will be served. Guests who register online before February 12 have the opportunity to purchase the 2014 SWE tee shirt, the proceeds of which support SEAS student attendance at the 2014 SWE conference in Los Angeles.

CS Colloquium: “A Scalable Information-Centric Networking Architecture for the Future Internet”
Speaker: Dr. Hang Liu, Catholic University of America
Friday, February 28
2:00 pm
736 Phillips Hall

MAE Seminar: “Modeling Inelastic Behavior of Metals at Multiple Scales for Multiple Purposes”
Speaker: Dr. David L. McDowell, Georgia Institute of Technology
Tuesday, April 8
11:00 am
736 Phillips Hall

Career Center Events

SEAS Career Fair Prep Workshop
Thursday, February 20
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Marvin Center Grand Ballroom
Prepare for the upcoming GW Spring Career Fair at this career development workshop exclusively for SEAS students during E-Week.  Resume critique, interview skills, and more!

Entrepreneurship Events

National Science Foundation (NSF) and DC I-Corps Programs Information Sessions
Tuesday, February 11
12:00 – 1:00 pm
302 Marvin Center
RSVP or send questions to: [email protected]
GW, along with University of Maryland and Virginia Tech, has been awarded $3.75M by the NSF to train, coach, and accelerate university researchers (professors, post-docs, and graduate students) and MBA students in commercializing high technology and life sciences research and inventions. Both programs are completely free, with grants of $2,000-50,000 available for eligible participants. The next five-week cohort starts on March 24, and applications are being accepted on a rolling basis now at www.dcicorps.org. Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Entrepreneurial Session 8: Developing Your Startup's Financial Projections
Wednesday, February 12
353 Duques Hall
3:00 – 4:00 pm

Dolphin Tank: Pitch Practice Session
Wednesday, February 19
359 Duques Hall
6:00 – 8:00 pm

Other Events

Strategies for Interdisciplinary Publishing Success Panel: “Writing and Publishing in Cybersecurity”
Wednesday, February 12
12:00 noon – 1:30 pm
702 of Gelman Library
Scholars and experts from multiple disciplines, as well as government and industry, will address topics related to research, authorship, and publishing.