The Evolution of Marketing in the Wake of AI

August 22, 2023

AI stock image

Marketing tactics have evolved over the past couple of years in wake of digital transformation, but it doesn't end there. As AI becomes increasingly popular, higher-ed marketers must shift their thinking in how they approach marketing to modern-day learners. In this interview, Lauren Benning-Williams, Director of Marketing and Communications for the George Washington University - School of Engineering & Applied Science, discusses how higher-ed marketing has evolved in recent years, how to leverage AI and embrace it rather than fear it.

The EvoLLLution (Evo): How are you seeing higher ed’s marketing landscape evolve as generative AI becomes increasingly popular?

Lauren Benning-Williams (LBW): From the higher ed marketing lens, I’m seeing people leverage AI’s capacities and capabilities. We’ve evolved into an instantaneous society. Everyone wants things right now and to get feedback immediately. So, AI allows us to have some of that data in real-time in a way we didn’t have before.

With that, AI gives marketers like me the power to provide real-time information to deans and department chairs on how their content is operating. They can instantly see how well an ad is being received by their targeted audience. That gives us the opportunity to take the guessing out of marketing planning, so we can create more successful and robust campaigns.

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