The Engineers' Council

The Engineers’ Council is a SEAS student umbrella organization that oversees and facilitates collaboration between SEAS student organizations, and among the general student body within SEAS. The Engineers’ Council represents the general engineering student body to the administration of SEAS and GW, encourages diversity and inclusion within SEAS, and provides ongoing leadership and professional development for member organizations and students within SEAS. The Engineers’ Council is also responsible for coordinating the SEAS Engineers’ Week (E-Week) and Engineers’ Ball (E-Ball) each year.

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Email: [email protected]

Elected Officers

Photo of Saramarie Puzzanghera

Saramarie Puzzanghera

Photo of Kathryn Jaroszynski

Vice President
Kathryn Jaroszynski

Photo of Alyssa Cristobal

Alyssa Cristobal

Photo of William Stein

William Stein


Professional Development Coordinator

Photo of Jennifer Kim

Community Outreach Coordinator
Jennifer Kim


Photo of Sebastian Makrides

Marketing Director
Sebastian Makrides


Photo of Jillian Sommer

Events Coordinator
Jillian Sommer


Appointed Officers



First Year Class Representative



First Year Class Representative


Photo of Annalisa Skinner

Sophomore Class Representative
Annalisa Skinner

Photo of Anirudh Kumar

Sophomore Class Representative
Anirudh Kumar

Photo of Hallie Anders

Junior Class Representative
Hallie Anders


Photo of Maddie McLaughlin

Senior Class Representative
Maddie McLaughlin


Photo of Russell Schwartz

Senior Class Representative
Russell Schwartz


Member Organizations

The Engineers’ Council oversees, supports, and works with over 20 member organizations across every SEAS discipline. Benefits of member organizations include complimentary WEPA printing services (with limits), event and organization funding support, advertising support, and event logistics support. Student organizations interested in joining the Engineers’ Council as a member organization can fill out the Member Organization Registration Form.

Update Organization Information

If you are a current Engineers’ Council Member Organization leader and you would like to update the contact information for your organization, please fill out this Contact Update Form.

GW Engage

GW Engage is where organization members, events, forms, money, and other resources are located. There are many pages and features that are available on Engage. You can send messages to your entire organization, or add members to your organization page. There is a calendar where you can update events and a place to post messages. Elections can be run through Engage along with other resources. The treasurer tab is most important for finances. There is one page for budgets and one page for revenue funds. The budgets page is where you can see how much money the SA has allocated to you. The revenue funds page is where all of the money that belongs to your organization is stored. When depositing and withdrawing money, this is done with your revenue account.

Revenue Funds vs. Budgets

Within your Organization’s Treasury page on Engage, there are two types of financial accounts you can view: Revenue Funds and Budgets. Revenue Funds are funds that your organization has collected itself, either from collecting dues or holding fundraisers. Budgets are the money you request from the Student Association, which can either be a budget requested at the end of the year for the next fiscal year, or a co-sponsorship(s) that you submit throughout the year.

How to Request a Co-Sponsorship

What is a co-sponsorship?

A Co-Sponsorship is a funding request for an on-campus event open to all GW students. Once a Co-Sponsorship request is submitted, it is then considered by the Student Association Finance committee and they will allocate money to your organization based on a number of factors about your event.


My organization wants to ask for a Co-Sponsorship. How do we do that?

Step 1: Login to Engage, then go to the “Manage” tab and select your organization
Step 2: Select "Finance" from the sidebar menu.
Step 3: Create a new budget by selecting "CREATE NEW REQUEST"
Step 4: Under the Create New Request item tab, select "Create Budget Request"
Step 5: From there, fill out the request information step by step and complete the necessary documentation.
Step 6: Review your request and then submit.

Provide as much detail as possible in Co-Sponsorship requests. Once you submit the request, you should expect to get a decision from the Finance committee within two weeks. If you do not receive a response within two weeks, it is recommended that you reach out to the Student Association Finance Committee at [email protected]. You can find more information on Co-Sponsorship requests here

Things the Student Association looks for in a Co-Sponsorship Request

The Student Association looks for specific details when allocating money for Co-Sponsorship requests. Co-Sponsorships are generally not granted for gifts or food. Events open to the entire GW community will often receive more funding. This can be difficult for SEAS events. However, you can portray events as being more inclusive by saying “this event is for anyone who wants to learn more about this field,” or “everyone in the GW community is welcome at our event.” The Student Association also looks for items that are going to be reused in the future, like bins for storage or reusable hardware for workshops.

SEAS Funding for Undergraduate Students and Organizations

SEAS students and student organizations are able to request money directly from SEAS. There is a request for funding page on the GW SEAS webpage. You can find the SEAS funding request page here.

Shenkman Funding

SEAS Career Services may provide funding to SEAS students working an unpaid internship or other career development and innovation opportunities. Student recipients receive funding through the Shenkman Fund that can be used to help reimburse payment for professional development opportunities that may be considered cost-prohibitive. More information can be found on the SEAS Career Services webpage.

Helpful Links

GW Engage

Event Support

The Engineers’ Council will assist students and student organizations in planning events for the SEAS community. If you or your organization would like support in coordinating an event for SEAS students, please contact The Engineers’ Council at [email protected].

Room Reservations

Many buildings at GW have rooms that can be reserved by students or student organization. Use one of the below reservation portals to make a reservation.
Some reservation portals require you to be listed as an Officer in your organization’s OrgSync portal.


Student Organizations are not charged for Fixit requests to move furniture. However, table/chair rentals will still incur charges for student organizations. For more information on reservations and room availability, please click here.

Tabling in SEH Lobby

If your organization is interested in tabling in the lobby of the SEH, you can request a table and chairs from [email protected]. Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the desired tabling date.

Organization Advertising

SEAS Advertising

The Engineers’ Council manages several avenues for advertising upcoming SEAS Organization events. These include a weekly newsletter, digital signs in the lobby of the SEH, and a publicly viewable SEAS Organization Events Calendar. If you would The Engineers’ Council to advertise an upcoming event, please fill out this Advertising Request Form. Requests for additions to the weekly newsletter sent on Fridays must be submitted no later than Wednesday evening of that week.

If you would like to add the SEAS Organization Calendar to your Google Calendar, copy and paste the following link into your personal calendar
For more information on importing a calendar, please click here.

Student Association Advertising

The Student Association will promote student organization if this form is filled out at least 3 days before the event. If you are interested in having your event included in the Student Association’s weekly newsletter, complete the form by 11:59 PM on the Saturday prior to the week of your event.

Residence Halls and Gelman Library Advertising

Student organizations are permitted to post flyers in residence halls and academic building on campus, and in the Gelman library. Flyers posted in residence halls and academic buildings must follow the Residence Hall Posters and Promotions guidelines. Flyers posted in the Gelman Library must follow the Advertising at Gelman guidelines.

Free Printing

Student Association Printing

The Student Association provides free printing services to student organizations. There is a limit of 500 pages for this service. To utilize this service, please see the Student Association’s website here.

SEAS Organization Printing

The Engineers’ Council provides registered SEAS Member Organizations with limited free printing via WEPA printers located on campus. To utilize this service, Engineers’ Council Member Organizations must have a valid GWU email account, and must regularly attend Engineers’ Council General Body Meetings, participate in Engineers’ Week, and attend the annual Leadership Summit and Presidents’ Roundtable. Student organizations can request a GWU email account here.

SEAS Office of Career Services

The SEAS Career Services provides professional development services, including career guidance, to current School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) students and recent alumni. Services include résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile preparation, as well as interviewing skills, job market information, and job success practices. The office also facilitates a professional development curriculum aimed at ensuring SEAS students are prepared to explore and pursue a range of employment options.

GW Career Services

The GW Career Services offers career coaching, self-assessment, online resume and cover letter development and assistance with networking and interviewing to help students and alumni discover their talents and interests, decide on an academic major, explore industries and career options and create an effective job search strategy. They also help employers brand their organizations on campus through information sessions, a robust on campus interviewing program and participation in career and industry fairs, programs and panels.


GW Handshake offers many exciting features, including a personalized & powerful job search experience. Handshake personalizes job and internship recommendations based on your interests and connections, pushing out customized information that is relevant and timely based on your career interests, experiences and major, and relevant career resources, events & news. On Handshake, you can easily search for jobs and internships, sign up for events and appointments, access the on-campus recruiting program, review career resources that are relevant to you, and receive the latest information from your career services office and the employers you follow. Find out more here!

Office of Student Life

The George Washington University is a community of driven individuals who bring rich and diverse lived experiences to our campus community. Students’ involvement in leadership development, through positional and non-positional roles, is an important part of the college experience. These roles help develop a wealth of transferable skills that are not only useful while at GW, but also in the world beyond GW. 

The Office of Student Life hosts Excellence in Leadership Seminars (ELS) throughout the year to provide opportunities for students and student leaders to refine their leadership skills and gain new insights. Students can participate in sessions designed to prepare them for future leadership positions - on or off-campus. You can find more information on ELS sessions here.

SEAS Together

The SEAS Together Committee is made up of undergraduate students within SEAS who are committed to the mission and goals of the initiative. As part of the SEAS Together Committee, each member works towards achieving the goals of the initiative within SEAS by assisting in planning and executing programs to help build partnerships among the student body and campus community. This student committee is an integral part of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative as they identify current issues that impact underrepresented students and serve as advocates to their peers when issues arise inside and outside of the classroom. The committee also helps bridge the gap between SEAS administration and SEAS students by serving as advisors to the SEAS Dean’s office. If you are interested in joining the SEAS Together committee, please contact [email protected].

To find out more about the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative and the SEAS Together Committee, click here.

Center for Women in Engineering

The mission of the SEAS Center for Women in Engineering is to empower women to overcome the challenges facing faculty, staff, students, and alumni in engineering. We seek to build confidence and knowledge about technology, expand leadership and tech skills, and fully leverage technology in support of academic and professional excellence.

To find out more about the SEAS Center for Women in Engineering, click here.

Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC)

The vision and mission of the GW MSSC reflects their dedication to building a welcoming, enriching, and inclusive environment at GW. Their rich history demonstrates their role and impact across campus as educators, trainers, advocates, mentors, and community builders. More information on the MSSC can be found here.


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