Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members and Staff Bios


Khala Antoine: My name is Khala Antoine. I am a senior civil engineering student. I am from NYC, the city that never sleeps!! A fun fact about me is that I have some fluency in American Sign Language. During my free time, I love playing squash (when I’m not injured lol), I love writing poetry (and performing sometimes), and I am trying to read more often. I decided to be part of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee because I do believe in being the change that you want to see and by being a part of this committee, I can help SEAS be a more welcoming community for people of diverse backgrounds.


Alexa Rosdahl: Hi, my name is Alexa Rosdahl and I am majoring in Systems Engineering with a minor in Business Administration.  I am from Prescott, Arizona (the part of Arizona where it snows... yes it snows in Arizona!)  I enjoy spending my time outdoors and taking in the beauty of DC. You can probably find me in Georgetown looking for a good dessert, gossiping about the latest episode of the Bachelor, or running the monuments on the National Mall. On campus, I have been involved in SEASSPAN, research, and clubs, such as Alpha Omega Epsilon, an engineering sorority. Having the opportunity to be a woman in STEM has made me very passionate about not letting stereotypes dictate my reality. I am excited to be part of this committee to help others find resources that may give them a sense of community, fulfillment or simply inspiration to keep reaching for their dreams.


Alexis Renderos: Hi everyone! My name is Alexis Renderos and I am a Sophomore Mechanical Engineer. I am from Fairfax, VA and my family is from Chile (Chi-chi-chi-le-le-le! Viva Chile!!). During my time at GW, I became part of SEASSPAN, AIAA, GW Baja, and Design, Build, Fly. I also did Summer Undergraduate Research here at SEAS for the Mechanical Engineering Department. Diversity is so important since it leads to new ideas and different perspectives. Learning from and acknowledging different perspectives ultimately leads to a better working and learning environment. I am really looking forward to this year and do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of the committee members if you have any questions!


Noah Tull: My name is Noah Tull and I am a sophomore mechanical engineering student from Lancaster Pennsylvania. I joined the SEAS Diversity & Inclusion committee because I want to ensure no matter what your background is, you feel included in the SEAS community. As a person of mixed race, it was important for me to feel included in my academic space. I want to continue to feel that way and ensure GW remains inclusive for others in the same situation. Engineering is hard and feeling ousted by the community you are involved with would make achieving academic success at GW even more difficult. My goal of joining the committee is to ensure that this does not happen, and every person involved with SEAS feels welcome, included, and free to make connections with their peers. 


Gabriela Herrera: Hi! My name is Gabriela (Gaby) Herrera and I am a senior civil engineer. I am from Bogotá, Colombia but I grew up in Miami, Florida. At GWU, I’m a SEASSPAN mentor, in Theta Tau, and work part time at the Key Depot! Outside of school, I enjoy exploring the city, eating, and annoying my friends. I’m very excited to be a part of the SEAS Diversity and Inclusion committee because being from Colombia and growing up in Miami, I’ve seen how important and beneficial diversity is to a community!


Isabella Evangelista: Hi everyone! My name is Isabella, and I’m a senior studying civil engineering originally from Media, PA. If I’m not at a dance rehearsal or working in the SEH greenhouse, you can probably find me studying somewhere on campus or eating Thai takeout. In my free time, I love going to concerts, making jewelry, hanging out with friends, or finding cool places to eat in DC. I wanted to join the Diversity and Inclusion committee to help make campus a more inclusive space and make everyone feel like they had someone to reach out to. If you ever see me around, say hi!!


Mercedes Suazo: Hi everyone! I’m Mercedes Suazo, a senior majoring in biomedical engineering. I’m one of the co-presidents of the National Society of Black Engineers GWU Chapter, the Community Outreach Director of the Engineers Council, and a SEASSPAN Mentor. Being a first-generation college student and person of color, I wanted to help create a fair and open space for all students in SEAS. By being on the SEAS Diversity & Inclusion committee, I feel like there is a platform to celebrate togetherness and discuss serious problems in our community. 


Brandon O’Dell: Hello, I am Brandon O’Dell and I am a senior undergraduate Posse Leadership Scholar, originally from Atlanta, GA. I am pursuing a BS in Biomedical Engineering with a minor and concentration in Electrical Engineering. My goal is a career of innovation and critical solutions with the federal government or the Department of Defense. Aside from engineering, I also volunteer as an Emergency Medical Technician for Hyattsville Fire Department, in Prince George's County, MD. I am with the committee in hopes to provide more opportunity and support for other minority and first-generation students in SEAS.


Anya Welch: Anya Welch is a graduate student in the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department. She acts as a Graduate Assistant for the EMSE department and also works as a Graduate Administrative Fellow for the Dean’s office. As a Graduate Administrative Fellow, she runs the SEAS Diversity and Inclusion Committee for undergraduate students. Prior to her role, she got her B.Sc. in Systems Engineering at GW. She was involved in school life being a part of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Caribbean Students Association, INCOSE, a former athlete and TA. In her spare time, Anya likes to go to the gym, cook and go on adventures. 


Dawn Ginnetti: Dawn Ginnetti is the professional advisor for students studying computer science, systems engineering, and applied science and technology. In addition to advising students, Dawn also serves as the Staff advisor for the SEAS Undergraduate Ambassadors and the SEAS Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Dawn received her Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and a M.S. degree in higher education administration with a student affairs concentration from the University of Maryland in College Park. Before joining SEAS, Dawn was an academic advisor for computer science students at the University of Maryland. As a graduate student at the University of Maryland, Dawn served as the outreach coordinator for the Women in Engineering program. When she's not working, Dawn enjoys baking, travel, and rooting for her favorite sports teams.