Department of Biomedical Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering


The Department of Biomedical Engineering, newly formed in fall 2014, offers unique opportunities for students interested in studying biomedical engineering.  Students can take advantage of our location in the heart of the nation’s capital and near numerous federal agencies and research labs involved in biomedical and health-related enterprises. They also have access to the labs and facilities of GW’s new Science and Engineering Hall, which opened in January 2015 right across the street from the GW Medical School and Hospital. 

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Programs

Research Areas

  • Biomedical signal processing and signal analysis
  • Biosensors
  • Cancer detection and therapy
  • Disease and pathogen detection
  • Drug delivery
  • Electrophysiology (cardiac and neural)
  • Heart disease and heart failure
  • Medical imaging and image analysis
  • Microfluidics and nanotechnology
  • Physiological flows
  • Simulation and modeling
  • Therapeutic ultrasound

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