April 23 - 29, 2012


April 23, 2012

Books and Papers:

Prof. Michael Keidar (MAE) and his post-doctoral researcher Alexey Shashurin published a paper in Plasma Source Science and Technology titled "Measurements of streamer head potential and conductivity of streamer column in cold nonequilibrium atmospheric plasmas."

Conferences and Presentations:

Chandru Mirchandani (EMSE part time faculty member) presented a paper titled "Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategy" at the CSER 2012 (Conference on Systems Engineering Research) held in St. Louis, MO, March 19-22.

Prof. Claire Monteleoni (CS) attended the Fifteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), where her co-supervised Ph.D. student at Columbia University, Anna Choromanska, gave a talk on their paper, "Online Clustering with Experts." AISTATS, held April 20-23, in La Palma, Canary Islands, is one of the top five international conferences in machine learning. The acceptance rate for talks was 6%.

Prof. Julie Ryan (EMSE chair) presented a paper at the 7th International Conference on Information Warfare (ICIW), which was held in Seattle, WA on March 22-23. The paper, "Attribution: Accountability in Cyber Incidents, " was co-authored by Daniel Ryan (National Defense University).

On April 15, Prof. Gabriel Sibley (CS) gave a keynote talk titled "Towards a Common Framework to Study the Function of the Insect Central Complex" at the Janelia Farm Research Center conference. The talk focused on looking for similarities between robot and insect-brain visual navigation algorithms.

Other News

On April 13, Prof. Pinhas Ben-Tzvi (MAE) hosted a robotics workshop for 32 Loudon County high school students as part of GW' s Science, Technology and Engineering Day at the Virginia Science and Technology Campus. The session focused on how the design of robotic systems is dependent on the integration of its mechanical, electrical, control, and computer subsystems. The students were given the chance to work on creating their own robots, and several teams later tested their robots, successfully following paths and avoiding obstacles within a maze. William Rone, Zhou Ma, and Paul Moubarak, all doctoral students of Prof. Ben-Tzvi, assisted him in running the session. Media coverage of the session and the event included a GW Hatchet article.

Prof. Julie Ryan (EMSE chair) was invited to participate in CyberDialogue 2012, a by-invitation only event hosted by the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies at the University of Toronto. The theme of CyberDialogue 2012 was stewardship in cyberspace. During the two-day meeting, March 18-19, participants examined and debated the various elements associated with stewardship concepts, including governance, social rights, and equal access issues. Separately, Prof. Ryan also was selected to be vice chair of a committee for the National Research Council. The committee is conducting a project titled "Assessing Foreign Technology Development in Human Performance Modification." A report is expected to be released in September 2012.

Research Prof. Murray Snyder (MAE) has received a $30,000 grant from the Air Force Research Laboratory to evaluate high performance computing codes at the AFRL High Performance Computing Center in Maui, HI during the summer of 2012. Computer simulations will involve subsonic ship air wakes and transonic stores separation from military aircraft.

Other News

SEAS is a sponsor of the 2012 USA Science and Engineering Festival(April 27-29), a collaborative effort of the global STEM community to re-invigorate the interest of our nation's youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). As part of the Festival, SEAS will host a FREE, one-of-a-kind panel discussion and book signing with best-selling science author-pioneer, Robin Cook; Wolfram Mathematica co-founder and pictorial periodic table pioneer, Theodore Gray; engineer and practical pyromaniac, William Gurstelle; retired rocket scientist and author of October Sky, Homer Hickam; award-winning history and science storyteller, Joy Hakim; and physician, philanthropist, and writer, Pendred Noyce. Shawn Lawrence Otto will moderate the discussion. The discussion and book signing will take place on April 28, from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. To learn more details about the event and to register, please visit: http://bookfairevening.eventbrite.com/.

Guest Vignette

Drs. Ed Della Torre and Larry Bennett are researching magnetizing processes for applications. We are currently working on materials for room temperature refrigeration applications, magnetostriction in high strength steels for naval applications, and multilayer nano-materials for electrically controlling magnetic properties. We have developed new insight into magnetic aftereffect, developed advance Preisach models, and studied magnetic losses. The refrigeration project is being performed in cooperation with General Electric. The magnetostriction research is being carried out in conjunction with the Office of Naval Research, and the multilayer project is funded by the NSF. We also have cooperative research with the University of Perugia. Currently these projects support five graduate students. (Provided courtesy of Prof. Edward Della Torre of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

SEAS Events

ECE Colloquium: "George, Georges, and Google: A Glimpse Into Old History and New Research at SAIC"
Dr. Eric Dunn, Research Scientist, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Monday, April 23
2:00 - 3:00 pm
640 Phillips Hall

GWIN Seminar: "Deduction of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Sheet from
Molecular Statics/Dynamics Simulations"
R. C. Batra, Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Polytechnic
Friday, April 27
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
640 Phillips Hall

Save the Date: SEAS Graduation Celebration
Friday, May 18
7:30 pm
Smith Center (a reception in the Marvin Center Ballrooms precedes the event)

Related Events

SSPI Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter 2nd Annual Engineering Student Project Competition on Space Systems
Thursday, April 26
6:00 - 8:00 pm
George Mason University, Volgenau School of Engineering, Research 1, Room 163
RSVP by April 24 to: [email protected]. FREE Admission

Dissertation Defenses

Name of Student Defending: Johnny D. Morgan
Title of Dissertation: "Applying the Science of Networks to Enterprise Information Systems That Implement a Services Oriented Architecture"
Advisor: Professor Howard Eisner
Tuesday, April 24
11:00 am
1776 G Street, Conference Room 120

Name of Student Defending: Ritu Bajpai
Title of Dissertation: "UV-assisted Alcohol Sensors Using GaN Nanowires Functionalized with ZnO and SnO2 Nanoparticles"
Advisor: Prof. Mona Zaghloul
Friday, May 4
12:00 pm
640 Phillips Hall

Name of Student Defending: Michel S. Pawlowski
Title of Dissertation: "Catastrophic Events - Emergency Management Requirements For Catastrophic Response Operations"
Advisor: Prof. Greg Shaw
Friday, May 8
10:00 am
1776 G Street, Conference Room 120