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Academic Support Resources

SEAS provides free academic assistance to all undergraduate SEAS students in a range of introductory and engineering-specific courses. Some of the resources offered are PAL Study Halls and Academic Commons. Read more about each type below.

Comments, questions, or concerns? Contact [email protected].

The Academic Commons is a “one-stop shop” for academic resources and services across the university coordinated by GW Libraries and Academic Innovation. Academic Commons provides academic support for all your Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology needs through multiple types of support, such as individual peer tutoring, drop-in sessions, and weekly reviews. You can also find help with other courses not in STEM fields.

You may visit Academic Commons on the entrance floor of Gelman Library. 

Course Offering Highlights:

Biological Sciences Chemistry Mathematics Physics SEAS Specific
  • BISC 1115
  • BISC 1116
  • BISC 1125
  • BISC 1126
  • CHEM 1111
  • CHEM 1112
  • MATH 1220
  • MATH 1221
  • MATH 1231
  • MATH 1232
  • MATH 2233
  • PHYS 1011
  • PHYS 1012
  • PHYS 1021
  • PHYS 1022
  • CSCI 1011
  • MAE 1117
  • MAE 2117

Additionally, checkout the many workshops that will help you develop your data and software skills.

Our Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Study Halls provide academic support by major through carefully selected core engineering and computer science courses taught during your freshman, sophomore, and junior year. These study halls allow you to clarify new concepts, practice example problems, and review difficult readings with the help of our PALs. Bring your notes, your textbooks, and your friends! 

A full schedule of study halls for the Spring 2020 semester will be posted before late January.  Please check back then to see the schedule.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) hosts a weekly study hall offering help in multiple computer science related courses. The schedule is as follows:



2-4 PM
Tompkins 402


Courses Covered
  • CSCI 1111
  • CSCI 1112
  • CSCI 1121
  • CSCI 1311
  • CSCI 2113
  • CSCI 2312
  • CSCI 2441
  • CSCI 2461
  • CSCI 2541
  • CSCI 3410

In addition, several courses in SEAS have dedicated Learning Assistants (LAs) and/or Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) that hold weekly office hours intended to assist students with learning the content of their respective course.

To find the schedule of UTA and LA office hours, please look at the SEAS Academic Support Calendar featured at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in becoming a UTA/LA, please fill out this application and submit to [email protected].

A full schedule of tutors and the courses they will cover during the Spring 2020 semester will be posted before late January.  Please check back then to see the schedule.

The University Writing Center offers members of the GW community opportunities to receive dedicated attention to their writing and research projects at all stages of the writing process. Their trained writing consultants work with writers from the first-year college experience up through post-doctorate and faculty levels. Rather than providing proofreading and editing, the Writing Center works to help the people who come through our doors strengthen their abilities as writers and to become stronger editors of their own work.

Click here to learn more about services offered.
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SEAS Computing Facilities offers various workshops throughout the academic year. Any SEAS undergraduate student is welcome to join to expand your technical or software skills.

Past workshops include: Linux, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, SolidWorks, and Matlab

SEAS Academic Support Calendar

This calendar will highlight all PAL Study Halls and review sessions.