2019 SEAS Student R&D Showcase Winners


Department of Biomedical Engineering

Graduate: “Bioresorbable Wireless Battery-Free Pacemaker for Electrical Stimulation of the Heart”
First Author: Rose Yin
Advisor: Dr. Igor Efimov
Undergraduate: “Ultrasound-Enhanced Ocular Drug Delivery for Treatment of Acanthamoeba Keratitis”
First Author: Bianca Karpinecz
Advisor: Dr. Vesna Zderic
Runner-up: “Probing the Integration between Three-Dimensional ‘Spark­Cell’ Spheroids and Human Cardiac Syncytia”
First Author: Christianne Chua
Advisors: Dr. Emilia Entcheva, Julie Han, and Weizhen Li

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Graduate: “Drugs in Drinking Water: An Enhanced Biological Removal through Biofilm Thickness Management for Sustainable Water Reuse Application”
First Author: Mahmudul Hasan
Advisor: Dr. Rumana Riffat
Undergraduate: “Integrated Micro-Irrigation and Surface Water Catchment System for Water Management in India”
First Author: Khyati Patel
Advisor: Dr. Rumana Riffat
Runner-up: “Demonstration of Practical Mainstream Deammonification Schemes Balancing Treatment Efficiency with Complexity and Cost”
First Author: Mojolaoluwa Ladipo-Obasa
Advisor: Dr. Rumana Riffat


“Short-term Traffic Prediction and Incident Detection with Single Traffic Detector Using Recurrent Neural Network”
First Author: Dong Pan
Advisor: Dr. Samer Hamdar


Department of Computer Science

Graduate: “Predicting Spread of Fake News on Social Media”
First Author: Pedram Hosseini
Advisors: Drs. Mona Diab and David Broniatowski
Undergraduate: “Secure and Scalable Network Packet Processing”
First Author: Dennis Afanasev
Advisor: Dr. Tim Wood
Runner-up: “Automated Sentence Correction Using Machine Learning”
First Author: Zhantong Liang
Advisor: Dr. Abdou Youssef

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Graduate: “Application-Aware Reconfigurable Manycore Architectures”
First Author: Hao Zheng
Advisor: Dr. Ahmed Louri
Undergraduate: “Low-Cost, Remote Data Acquisition Platform for In-situ with Biological and Fluidic Measurements”
First Author: Rachel Zaitz
Advisors: Drs. Kartik Bulusu and Amir Aslani
Runner-up: “A Lateral MOS-Capacitor Enabled ITO Mach-Zehnder Modulator for Beam Steering”
First Author: Rubab Amin
Advisor: Dr. Volker Sorger

Department of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering

Graduate: “Online Labor Platforms and the Future of Engineering Design Work”
First Author: Suparna Mukherjee
Advisor: Dr. Zoe Szajnfarber
Undergraduate: “Engineered Coal: A New Green Product for the Coal Industry”
First Author: Justin Williams
Advisors: Drs. Richard Millar and Thomas Mazzuchi (EMSE), Todd Mlsna and Sita Warren (Mississippi State University)
Runner-up: “Improving Emergency Department Patient Throughput by Considering Providers’ In-patient Admission Rates: A Mathematical Programming Approach”
First Author: Kelly Rickard
Advisor: Dr. Johan Rene van Dorp
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Graduate: “Development and Characterization of Bovine Milk Ultrasound Responsive Exosomes”
First Author: Jenna Osborn
Advisor: Dr. Kausik Sarkar
Undergraduate: “Design of Large-Scale Turbulent Flow Loop”
First Author: Samuel Rudy
Advisors: Dr. Phillipe Bardet and Charles Fort
Runner-up: “Micro-Cathode Matrix Arc Thrusters for Small Satellites”
First Author: Keir Daniels
Advisor: Dr. Michael Keidar


“Buoyant Jet Mole Fraction Measurements Using RayIeigh Scattering Technique”
First Author: Hatef Pazhand
Advisor: Dr. Phillippe Bardet