2019 George Hacks Medical Solutions Hackathon: “Innovation with a Social Impact”

Saturday, January 26 (9:00 am) through Sunday, January 27 (4:00 pm)
SEH, B1 and Lehman Auditorium

The Second Annual George Hacks Medical Solutions Hackathon will host undergraduate students for a 24-hour interdisciplinary innovation competition incorporating themes of business and entrepreneurship, medical technology, and public health.  Students will work in small teams to create deliverable solutions to pitches gathered from various healthcare organizations including the Veterans Association, Engineering World Health, the GW Hospital, Open EMR, and more.  As students are hard at work applying their skill sets and implementing design thinking to the problem at hand, they will have access to mentorship, technical workshops, and networking opportunities.  Prizes will be awarded to the top four teams.  Learn more.