2018 Student R&D Showcase Posters


Please see below a listing of all posters entered in the 2018 SEAS Student R&D Showcase, with the finalists indicated by gold text.

Biomedical Engineering

1 Rosa Araiza: Simultaneous Optical Mapping and Sharp Microelectrodes as a Platform to Study the Electrophysiology of Mouse Hearts (Advisors: Igor Efimov, Ndeye Rokhaya Faye, and Jaclyn Brennan)*

2 Aidan Canning, Victoria Doheny, Devon Guerrelli, and Nikkitta Khattar: Development and Characterization of a Bone Tumor Tissue Mimicking Phantom System for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Evaluation (Advisor: Vesna Zderic)*

3 Andrew Chen: Ultrasound Modulation of the Electromechanical Function of Human Stem-Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes (Advisors: Vesna Zderic, Emilia Entcheva, Aleksandra Klimas, and Ivan Suarez Castellanos)

5 Tara Diba: Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging to Study Cardiac Structure Due to Chemically Induced Edema (Advisors: Jason Zara and Sharon George)

6 Shuyue Guan: Breast Cancer Detection Using Transfer Learning in Convolutional Neural Networks (Advisor: Murray Loew)

7 Ismayil Hasanov, Grace Lee, Zhan Shi, Anderson Thomas, Han Wang, and Meixin Wang: SHAE, Surgical Robotic Assistant (Advisor: Chunk-Hyuk Park)+

8 Hifza Javed: Robot-Assisted Socio-Emotional Intervention Framework for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Advisor: Chunk-Hyuk Park)+

9 Nada Kamona: Reproducibility of Quantitative Image Texture Features in Identifying Tumor Regions in Thermal Breast Images (Advisor: Murray Loew)*

10 Alina Kline-Schoder: Ultrasound-Enhanced Drug Delivery for Treatment of Onychomycosis (Advisors: Zung Le [Podiatry] and Vesna Zderic)*

11 Priyanka Koti (Physiology & Pharmacology): Bioprinting of Engineered Heart Tissue (Advisors: Narine Muselimyan, Benjamin Holmes, Huda Asfour, Narine Sarvazyan, all of Physiology & Pharmacology)*

12 Kristina Landino: Salience in Video (Advisor: Murray Loew)

13 Zainab Mahmood, Katherine Fergusson, and Nada Kamona: Automated Segmentation Algorithm for Thermal Breast Images (Advisor: Murray Loew)*

14 Zainab Mahmood and Brandon Waller: Electrical Characterization of Monolayer Graphene (Advisor: Saniya LeBlanc)*

15 Pratik Mistry and Liz Matsiyevskiy: Application of Correlative Light Electron Microscopy to Observe Axonal Growth Cones (Advisors: Anastas Popratiloff, Christine Brantner, C. Clarkson-Paredes, and B. Oakley)*

16 Sofian Obaid and Brianna Cathey: Open Source Electrophysiology Laboratory: 3D Printed Experimental Setup (Advisors:  Igor Efimov and Sharon George)*

18 Tania Singh: A Mechanistic Study of Ultrasound-Induced Insulin Release (Advisors: Vesna Zderic, Emilia Entcheva, Aleksandra Klimas, and Ivan Suarez Castellanos)*

19 Shannon Toole, Aidan Murray, and Pannie Xu: Symmetrical Cluster Analysis for Thermographic Breast Cancer Detection (Advisor: Murray Loew)*

20 Nam Tran: Investigation on the Properties of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators for Bioinstrumentation (Advisor: Zhenyu Li)*

21 James Tronolone: M13 Bacteriophage Alignment in the Presence of an Electric Field (Advisor: Saniya LeBlanc)*

Civil & Environmental Engineering

23 Abedeh Abdolghafoorian: Estimation of Land Surface Fluxes through Assimilation of Surface Temperature and Moisture States into Models of Terrestrial Water and Energy Balance via the VDA Approach (Advisor: Leila Farhadi)

24 Boxiao Cao: Formation of 2D Ice Confined by Hydrophobic Nanopore (Advisor: Tianshu Li)

25 Yoon Sil Choi and Kayla Tarr: Development of a Solar Photocatalytic Reactor for Sustainable Water Purification (Advisor: Danmeng Shuai)*

26 Faezeh Ebrahimi: A Continuum Theory for Pore Dynamics in Lipid Membranes (Advisor: Arzhang Angoshtari)

27 Mohamed ElGhoraiby: Laboratory Characterization of a Liquefiable Soil (Advisor: Majid Manzari)

28 Hannah Gaudet and Khaled Alfadl: Behavior of Large Scale Bridge Composite Beams (Advisor: Sameh Badie)*

29 Ali Gerami Matin: CSFEM for Large Deformation of Solids: From Hilbert Complexes to Numerical Stability (Advisor: Arzhang Angoshtari)+

30 Madison Haley: The Impact of Public Transit Ridership on Flu Propagation: An Exploratory Analysis (Advisors: Samer Hamdar, David Broniatowski, and Claire Silverstein)*

31 Mahmudul Hasan: Evaluation of Dewatering Characteristics of Wastewater Sludge from Various Treatment Processes (Advisor: Rumana Riffat)

32 Melissa Lesner: Simulation of Phase Boundaries Using the Allen-Cahn Equation (Advisor: Arzhang Angoshtari)*

33 Baoqiang Li, Mojolaoluwa Ladipo-Obasa, Michael Tobin, and Haydee DeClippelier: How Does THP Sludge-Fed Anaerobic Digester React to Increased Ammonia (Advisor: Rumana Riffat)

34 Louise Lu: Design and Scalability of Autonomous Electric Vehicles (Advisors: Samer Hamdar, Claire Silverstein, and Antonio Caamano [King Juan Carlon University, Madrid])*

35 Elizabeth Manning: Impact of Substrate Structure Changes Caused by Thermal Treatment on Hydrolysis in Anaerobic Digestion (Advisor: Arzhang Angoshtari)

36 Hongchen Shen: Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanomaterials for Sustainable Antimicrobial Applications (Advisor: Danmeng Shuai)+

37 Michael Tobin: Effects of Feed Composition on Gas Production from Anaerobic Digestion Process (Advisor: Rumana Riffat)*

38 Khaled Alfadl: Behavior of Push-Off Composite Beams (Advisors: Sameh Badie and Majid Manzari)*

39 Ruochen Zhu: Mitigating Humic Acid Fouling on a Photocatalytic Membrane System (Advisor: Danmeng Shuai)

Computer Science

40 Andrei-Claudiu Cosma: Microclimate with Thermal Comfort Prediction Using Individually Controlled Furniture Integrated Vents and Wireless Connected Smart Vents (Advisor: Rahul Simha)

41 Samsara Counts along with Candice Schumann and Jeffrey Foster of UMD: The Diverse Cohort Selection Problem (Advisor: John Dickerson [Maryland])*

42 Samsara Counts, Lulwah Alkulaib, and Justine-Louise Manning, James Harnett: Recognizing Images of Eating Disorders in Social Media (Advisors: Robert Pless, Rebecca Begtrup [Children’s National Health System], and David Broniatowski)*

43 Joseph Espy, Gregor Peach, and Zachary Day: Software Fault Tolerance with Applications for Commodity Hardware on Satellites (Advisor: Gabriel Parmer)*

44 Riley Kennedy and Patrick Cody:  OpenNetVM: Expanded Middlebox Capabilities (Advisor:  Timothy Wood)*

45 Gregor Peach: Memory Protection on Microcontrollers with an MPU (Advisors: Gabriel Parmer and Runyu Pan)*

46 Kazem Qazanfari: Contextual Feature Weighting Using Knowledge Beyond the Repository Knowledge (Advisor: Abdou Youssef)

47 Hong Xuan: Self Calibrating Lenticular Markers and Articulated Pose Estimation (Advisor: Robert Pless)+

Electrical & Computer Engineering

48 Sultan Alamro: Shed: Optimal Dynamic Cloning to Meet Application Deadlines in Cloud (Advisors: Suresh Subramaniam and Tian Lan)

49 Ahmed Aldhaheri: DC Distributed Systems Stabilization and Performance Improvement Using Small-Signal Voltage Injection (Advisor: Amir Etemadi)

50 Paul Azzi: DC Distributed Systems Stabilization and Performance Improvement Using Small-Signal Voltage Injection (Advisors: Chung-Hyuk Park and Jonathan Kim)*

51 Rohit Hemnani: Realization of 2D Printer for Photonic Device Applications (Advisor: Volker Sorger)

52 Reza Karimian Bahnemiri and Seyed Haghshenas: Specific Absorption Rate Reduction Using A Compact Magneto-Dielectric AMC Structure (Advisors: Roger Lang and Shahrokh Ahmadi)+

53 Haoran Liu, Yiran Li, Xiaobo Li, and Pei Zhang: Techniques Suggestion in Tennis Based on Pose Estimation (Advisor: Howie Huang)+

54 Christopher Long and Brenna Calhoun: Fabrication and Optical Characterization of High Contrast Gratings for Guiding Light (Advisors: Volker Sorger and Saniya LeBlanc)*

55 Zachary McNulty, Nathalya Ramirez (Physics), and Michael Orrill (MAE): Characterization of Carbon Nanospheres for Inkjet Printing Applications (Advisor: Saniya LeBlanc)*

56 Jiaxin Peng and Shuai Sun: Residue Number System Arithmetic based on Integrated Nanophotonics (Advisors: Volker Sorger and Tarek El-Ghazawi)+

57 Apurva Singh and Sharad Goyal (Radiation Oncology): Effectiveness of Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Advisor: Murray Loew)+

58 Shuai Sun: Breaking the Boundary between Optical Communication and Data Processing (Advisor: Volker Sorger)

59 Mohammadhossein Tahersima, Shuai Sun, Zhizhen Ma, and Yaliang Gui: CMOS Compatible Reservoir Coupling Electro-Optic Modulator (Advisor: Volker Sorger)

60 Jingxin Wu: Routing and Spectrum Assignment (RSA) for Multi-fiber Elastic Optical Networks (Advisors: Suresh Subramaniam and Tian Lan)

61 Maotong Xu and Sultan Alamro: LASER: A Deep Learning Approach for Speculative Execution and Replication of Deadline-Critical Jobs in Cloud (Advisors: Suresh Subramaniam and Tian Lan)

62 Fan Yao and Hongyu Fang: Hardware-based Cache Auditing to Aid Cache Timing Channel Detection (Advisor: Guru Venkataramani)+

63 Fan Yao, Yongbo Li, Yurong Che, and Hongfa Xue: StatSym: Vulnerable Path Discovery through Statistics-Guided Symbolic Execution (Advisors: Suresh Subramaniam and Tian Lan)

64 Yangyang Zhao: Nano Hole Array Based Plasmonic Gas Sensor (Advisors: Mona Zaghloul, Kurt Benkstein, and Steve Semancik)+

Engineering Management & Systems Engineering

65 Lauren Bateman: Organizational Information Management in Humanitarian Response: an Agent-based Model (Advisor: Erica Gralla)

66 Janiele Custodio: Market Power in Harmonized REC Markets (Advisor: Ekundayo Shittu)+

67 Kristopher Dane, Bentz Tozer III, and Ali Jarvandi: Does Building Geometry Affect Active Shooter Event Outcomes?  (Advisors: Shahram Sarkani and Thomas Mazzuchi)

68 Connor Forsythe: Visualizing Communication Patterns in Design Teams Over Time (Advisors: Zoe Szajnfarber, Erica Gralla, and Nikolai Joseph)*

69 Dian Hu: Developing a Demographic Classifier to Aid Understanding of the Spread of Online Rumors in Reddit Community (Advisor: David Broniatowski)

70 Se-Jun Lee: Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Conductive 3D Scaffolds for Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Schwann Cell-like Phenotypes (Advisor: Lijie Grace Zhang)

71 Jillian Miles: System Dynamics Model to Evaluate Interventions to Improve Financial Inclusion and Accessibility for Farmers in Uganda (Advisor: Erica Gralla)*

72 Zhenglin Wei: Using Trajectory Mapping to Analyze People’s Desirability of Medication Side Effects (Advisor: David Broniatowski)

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

73 Mitra Aliabouzar: Acoustic Vaporization Threshold of Lipid Coated Perfluoropentane Droplets for Tumor Imaging and Drug Delivery Applications (Advisor: Kausik Sarkar)+

74 Alexis Amechi and Paige Codrington: Experimental Techniques for Cervical Incompetence and Cervical Cerclage Procedures during Human Pregnancy (Advisors: Megan Leftwich and Alexa Baumer)*

75 Mahdis Bisheban: Computational Geometric System Identification for Quadrotor Dynamics in Wind Fields (Advisor: Taeyoung Lee)+

76 Christopher Mathes, Gabriel Papadatos, Raymond Squirini, Terence Bou, Michael Re, and Courtney Krawice: 3D Printed CubeSat Testbed Design (Advisors: Michael Keidar and Jonathan Kolbeck)*

77 Michael Button: Development of TDLAS for Harsh Environment in Situ Steam Measurements (Advisor: Philippe Bardet)

78 Kyle Crandall: Learning Abstract Control of a Robotic Swarm (Advisor: Adam Wickenheiser)

79 Abigail DeMasi, Jordan Giacoma, Joseph Joyce, Cesar Laurent, and John Stricker: Development of a Low Cost 3 Axis Reaction Wheel System for Ultra-Fine Satellite Pointing Capabilities (Advisors: Michael Keidar and Jonathan Kolbeck)*

80 Abigail DeMasi and Eden Smalley: Greenhouse Aquaponics System for Small-Scale Food Production (Advisor: Rachel Klein [Biology])*+

81 Andrew Edzenga, Jeremey Waldron, and Adrian Haber: Ship Air Wake Project (Advisor: Murray Snyder)*

82 Issac Finberg and Samantha Racan: Investigation of Polymeric Scaffold Degradation for Bone Regeneration Applications (Advisors: Michael Plesniak and Kartik Bulusu)*

83 Kanishke Gamagedara: Vision-Based Relative Localization for Airborne Measurements of Ship Air Wake (Advisors: Taeyoung Lee and Murray Snyder)

84 Eda Gjika Sonali Pal-Ghosh, Anna Tang, Megan Kirschner, Zhitong Chen, Gauri Tadvalkar, Jerome Canady, and Mary Ann Stepp: Adaptation of Operational Parameters of Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Cancer Treatment (Advisor: Michael Keidar)

85 Rachel Gray and Devin Jessup: Energy Materials Analysis for Additive Manufacturing by Selective Laser Melting (Advisor: Saniya LeBlanc)*

86 Raymond Hummels and Colin Parker: Wake Produced By Multiple Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (Advisor: Megan Leftwich)*

87 Samantha Hurley: Linear Actuated Micro Cathode Arc Thruster (Advisor: Michael Keidar)

88 Evan Kaufman: 3D Autonomous Robotic Mapping and Exploration with Quadrotor UAVs (Advisor: Taeyoung Lee)

89 Shankar Kulumani: Real Time Shape Reconstruction for Near Earth Asteroid Landing (Advisor: Taeyoung Lee)

90 Li Lin: Towards a Novel Adaptive Cold Atmospheric Plasma Jet (Advisor: Michael Keidar)

91 Abhilash Reddy Malipeddi: Shear Induced Diffusion in Emulsions at Finite Inertia (Advisor: Kausik Sarkar)

92 Nima Mobadersany: Repeated Pulsation and Collapse of Ultrasound Contrast Agents for Sonoporation (Advisor: Kausik Sarkar)

93 Mohammad Reza Najjari: Pulsatile Flows in a Curved Artery Model (Advisor: Michael Plesniak)

94 Michael Orrill and Dustin Abele (Chemistry): Ink Synthesis with Hollow Carbon Nanospheres for Inkjet Printed Electronics (Advisors: Nathan Banek, Michael Wagner [Chemistry], and Saniya LeBlanc)

95 Jenna Osborn and Mitra Aliabouzar: Ultrasound and Lipid-Coated Microbubbles Effect on Proliferation and Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in 3D-printed Tissue Scaffold (Advisor: Kausik Sarkar)

96 David Palumbo: Flow Characteristics and Functionality of Porous Gill Rakers Used in Silver Carp Filter Feeding (Advisor: Michael Plesniak)

97 Philip Paulson: Mucosal Waves in Self-Oscillating Synthetic Vocal Fold Models (Advisors: Michael Plesniak, Kartik Bulusu, and Elizabeth Hubler)*

98 Jonathan Schwartz: Numerical Simulations of Magnetohydrodynamics Flows with Newly Developed High-Order Solver (Advisors: Chunlei Liang and Xiaoliang Zhang)*

99 Shengfu Wang: Experiment Investigation on Behavior of Flexible Rod Clamped at Both Ends and Subjected to Axial Flow (Advisor: Philippe Bardet)

100 Michael Treasure (I-Corps Competition Only): Patent Pending Solution to Increasing, by up to 50%, the Efficiency in the Deployment and Utilization of Vehicles in the Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem of Transport Network Companies (Advisors: Alan Gideon and Gina Guillaume-Joseph)+


*   denotes undergraduate project

+   denotes AccelerateGW NSF I-Corps Program Site Grant Competitor