Package edu.gwu.wordnet

Interface Summary
DictionaryDatabase The methods in this Interface must be propertly implemented to access the Wordnet database.
FileManagerInterface FileManagerInterface defines the interface between the FileBackedDictionary and the file system.
PointerTarget A PointerTarget is the source or target of a Pointer.

Class Summary
FileBackedDictionary A DictionaryDatabase that retrieves objects from the text files in the WordNet distribution directory.
FileManager An implementation of FileManagerInterface that reads files from the local file system.
IndexWord An IndexWord represents a line of the pos.index file.
Pointer A Pointer encodes a lexical or semantic relationship between WordNet entities.
PointerType Instances of this class enumerate the possible WordNet pointer types, and are used to label PointerTypes.
POS Instances of this class enumerate the possible major syntactic categories, or part's of speech.
RemoteFileManager An object of this class can serve as a file manager for remote FileBackedDictionary instantiations, using RMI.
Synset A Synset, or synonym set, represents a line of a WordNet file.
TokenizerParser A StringTokenizer with extensions to retrieve the values of numeric tokens, as well as strings.
Word A Word represents the lexical information related to a specific sense of an IndexWord.