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5/26/2015, 2015 Research Symposium on Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics, Science and Engineering Hall, GWU


4/9/2015, Bin Zhang and Chunlei Liang, A Simple, Efficient, High-order Accurate Sliding-Mesh Interface Approach to the Spectral Difference Method on Coupled Rotating and Stationary Domains. is now accepted to the Journal of Computational Physics, 2015.


3/21/2015, Conference proposal: International Symposium on High-Order Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics (San Diego, CA, July 26-30, 2015) is now funded by NSF.


2/28/2015, J. Wang, C. Liang, M. Miesch, A Compressible High-Order Unstructured Spectral Difference Code for Stratified Convection in Rotating Spherical Shells, accepted to the Journal of Computational Physics.


2/23/2015, Chris Cox won the first prize of theoretical category in the 2015 SEAS Student Research & Development Showcase. Congratulations to Chris!


1/9/2015, Welcome Shantanu Bailoor to join our research group as a Ph.D. student!


12/9/2014, Chunlei attended the International Conference on Scientific Computing and PDEs. It was a pleasure meeting Prof. Eitan Tadmor in Hong Kong.


11/21/2014, Chunlei gave an invited talk for the Symposium in Honor of Professor Antony Jameson's 80th Birthday, Mathematics, Computing & Design -- Where Analysis and Creativity Combine, at Stanford University. His presentation was titled "Spectral Difference Method for Sliding-Mesh Simulations, and Thermal Convection of the Sun."


10/20/2014, Chunlei gave an invited talk for the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at Children's National (CTSI-CN). His presentation was titled "High-fidelity Simulations of Femoral Arterial Flow with Multiple Stenoses."


10/16/2014, Prof. David Kopriva visits MAE and Mathematics departments of the GWU.


10/14/2014, Chunlei delivers the 2014 Hal Andrews Lecture at the University of Maryland, invited by the AIAA National Capital Section.


9/11/2014, Andrew DeJong passed his doctoral qualifying exam. Congratulations, Andrew!


9/5/2014, Welcome Xiaoliang Zhang to join our research group as a Ph.D. student!


8/5/2014, Welcome Caleb Yow to join our research group as a M.S. student!


6/24/2014, Chunlei Liang gave a presentation at the international conference of spectral and high-order methods (ICOSAHOM) on their work of simulations of stratified convection in spherical shells!


5/28/2014, Andrew DeJong won one best presentation award at the 2014 annual Joint UMD Burgers Program/Johns Hopkins Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics (CEAFM)/George Washington University Mechanical Engineering Fluids Group Symposium. Congratulations! Andrew worked on high fidelity simulation of vortex induced vibration.


5/27/2014, Junfeng Wang has successfully passed the annual review of his NCAR Newkirk graduate fellowship. Congratulations!


5/24/2014, The Special Issue of High-order Methods for CFD is published!


5/18/2014, I am selected as the 2014 recipient of the Hal Andrews Young Engineer Scientist of the Year Award.


5/16/2014, Keegan Delaney has successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled "An Adaptive Mesh Refinement Solver for Multiphase Incompressible Flows with Large Density Ratios."


5/14/2014, Alexander Vizard has successfully defended his MS thesis entitled "Direct Numerical Simulation of Flow Over Passive Geometric Disturbances."


5/13/2014, Seth Schroeder has successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled "High Fidelity Numerical Investigation of Rotor Wake Dynamics in the Near Field."


5/5/2014, Tabitha Smith has successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Ablation Study of Tungsten-Based Nuclear Thermal Rocket Fuel."


4/29/2014, Laura Rose has successfully defended her MS thesis entitled "Development of 1D Particle-in-Cell code and Simulation of Plasma-Wall Interactions." I chaired the committee for her defense.


4/28/2014, Chunlei Liang gave a talk for the Joint Undergraduate Mathematics and Physics (JUMP) group in the Department of Mathematics of the George Washington University.


4/21/2014, Chunlei Liang is selected as a recipient of the 2014 Young Investigator Program (YIP) award by the Office of Naval Research (ONR).


4/9/2014, Chunlei Liang gave a talk for the astrophysical group in the Department of Physics of the George Washington University.


3/24/2014, I received an Air Force 2014 Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (SFFP) award administrated by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).


1/20/2014, Professor Koji Miyaji and his students visited our lab.


1/3/2014, New paper published! Computation of Flows With Shocks using the Spectral Difference method with Artificial Viscosity: Part I Basic Formulation [ DOI ]


12/2/2013, Prof. Charles Garris (MAE) presented the paper "Pressure Exchange Heat Pump: Natural Gas Residential Air Conditioning" at the International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exhibition, held November 15-21 in San Diego, CA. The paper was authored by Profs. Garris and Chunlei Liang (MAE) and will appear in the conference proceedings.


11/15/2013, Todd Dillon won the 2nd place award in undergrad category. Todd presented a paper titled "Towards An Automatic Mesh Deforming Tool for Computational Fluid Dynamics using Unstructured Quadrilateral Elements" in the AIAA Region I Young Professional, Student, and Education Conference 2013 held in Johns Hopkins University.


11/5/2013, I became an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


8/29/2013, In the Fall, I am teaching ApSc 2058 for Engineering Dynamics as well as MAE 6286 : Numerical Methods for PDEs.


8/28/2013, Chris Cox passed Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!


8/8/2013, Junfeng Wang's NCAR Newkirk graduate fellowship is renewed for another year. Congratulations!


8/1/2013, Bin Zhang passed Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!


7/3/2013, Jingjing presented his work on hp adaptation in CAHL group meeting.


6/24/2013, Andrew and Daniel presented at the AIAA CFD conference in San Diego.


6/1/2013, We are informed to receive the Outstanding Technical Paper award under the Fluid-Structure Interaction Technical Committee at the 2012 PVP Conference. This paper entitled "Spectral difference solution of incompressible flow over an inline tube bundle with oscillating cylinder" is co-authored by C. Cox, C. Liang, and M. Plesniak. This award will be presented at the Fluid-Structure Interaction Technical Committee meeting at the 2013 PVP Conference.


5/31/2013, My second son, Kevin Liang, was born. How excited summer it is!


4/8/2013, A Symposium, titled "Four Decades of CFD: Looking Back and Moving Forward," will be held in San Diego in June. This symposium is to celebrate the Careers of Antony Jameson, Phil Roe and Bram van Leer.


3/15/2013, GW-ECAS has been successfully developed! GW-ECAS stands for GW Efficient Computational Aerodynamics Solver. This solver employs high-order correction procedure via reconstruction on 3D unstructured grids with hexa cells for predicting unsteady flow around flapping wing flight.


3/8/2013, Congratulations to Todd Dillon for winning a GW SEAS undergraduate summer fellowship!

3/7/2013, We will invite presentations for USNCCM12 mini-symposium of high-order methods for CFD to submit manuscripts for a special issue in the journal of Computers & Fluids.

2/26/2013, Chunlei Liang gave a talk at SIAM CSE 2013. The title is "simulation of an oscillating wing power generator using an efficient high-order method." His PhD student Bin Zhang was involved in this work.


1/30/2013, Our CTSI-CN proposal is funded with up to $40K for studying stenoses in human femoral artery!


1/15/2013, Dr. Behrouz Karami joined CAHL as a postdoc for a one-year position. Welcome!

1/15/2013, Daniel Wang passed Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!

12/15/2012, William Jessup passed Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!

11/1/2012, USNCCM12 minisymposium on high-order CFD methods is approved.

9/26/2012, Professor Chuijie Wu gave two seminars in GW, 2012-2013.

7/25/2012, Chunlei gave a lecture titled "Unsteady aerodynamics of oscillating wing power generators" in Yokohama National University.

6/18/2012, Chunlei visited NCAR in Colorado for two weeks, 2012-2013.

5/07/2012, Professor Antony Jameson gave a seminar in GW, 2012-2013.


5/04/2012, I received a GW University Facilitating Fund of US$25,000, 2012-2013.


4/09/2012, I received an Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, 2012-2013.


3/22/2012, Dr. William Mitchell visits CAHL.


3/16/2012, ONR awards a three-year research grant to CAHL.

3/2/2012, CAHL student, Junfeng Wang, is awarded a Newkirk Fellowship from NCAR.

2/27/2012, CAHL student, Chris Cox, presented his poster entitled "Implicit time marching and MUSCL scheme for supersonic flow" during the SEAS students R&D showcase.

2/27/2012, CAHL student, Daniel Wang, presented his poster entitled "Parallel SD Solver of Navier-Stokes equations on moving and deforming grids" during the SEAS students R&D showcase.

2/24/2012, Article in the most cited list: Liang and Papadakis (2007) .

2/24/2012, CAHL undergraduate student Meryll G. Castro was offered a summer internship at the FDA for optical imaging and graphics.

2/15/2012, Chunlei gave an invited talk at NSWCCD.

1/9/2012, Chunlei acted as a co-chair of a session of Multidisciplinary CFD at the AIAA Aerospae Science Meeting in Nashville, TN.

1/9/2012, Chunlei presented the following paper: C. Liang, J. Chen, and J. D. Lee (2012), Spectral Difference Solution of Unsteady 2D Compressible Micropolar Equations on Moving and Deformable Grids, AIAA-2012-294, at the AIAA Aerospae Science Meeting in Nashville, TN.


1/8/2012, Daniel presented the following paper: Junfeng Wang, Chunlei Liang (2012), Study of the 2D laminar flapping wing case using the Spectral Difference method, at the 1st High-order Method workshop in Nashville, TN.

1/2/2012, Article in the most cited list: Liang, Kannan, and Wang (2009) .

12/1/2011, CAF Article in the most read list: Computers and Fluids (no. 10) .

11/11/2011, Congratulations to Daniel Wang, a first-year doctoral student in our group, for an AFOSR fellowship, which will cover his registration and travel support to the 1st International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods at the 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, in Nashville, TN, in January 2012.


10/17/2011, We are awarded a GWIBE interdisplinary fund $10,000 for our research on automatic mesh deformation!


10/16/2011, Our paper on modeling a mitral valve is finally in press. It is a high-quality paper and available now at PDF.

9/26/2011, A 192-core DELL C6100 LINUX Computer Cluster is implemented in CAHL, GWU!

9/12/2011, Dr Ravi Kannan visits CAHL, GWU!

8/13/2011, Physics of Fluids paper by Konstantinidis and Liang was in a popular list of AIP!

8/10/2011, TECPLOT funds us five licenses for the class of MAE 6286 Numerical Techniques for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering!

7/6/2011, CAHL solver handles moving and deformable grids.

7/5/2011, my PhD advisor, George Papadakis, became a faculty member at the department of Aeronautics in Imperial College London.

6/20/2011, DELL engineers implement a 192-core computer cluster for CAHL.

5/1/2011, A page for research gallery is added in CAHL website to reflect many new coding developments recently.

4/13/2011, Solar convection code is well scalable for over 20 million degrees of freedom!

3/26/2011, Completed code implementation for high-order turbulent solar convection.

3/22/2011, Solar convection simulations now handle meshes with 3D quadratic elements!

3/11/2011, CAHL student James Chen successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations, Dr Chen!

3/6/2011, CAHL TEAM page is updated. We are excited to solve new scientific challenges!

1/5/2011, Professor Liang chairs a session on high-order methods on unstructured grids for the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Orlando, Florida.


11/3/2010, Professor Liang joins Computers and Fluids, an international journal as a member of editorial board.

10/23/2010, Professor Liang joins CFD Letters, an international journal as a member of editorial board.

9/20/2010, Professor Liang receives a donation of Two Tesla C2050(2) processors from NVIDIA.

09/14/2010, Professor Max Platzer visits the MAE department at GW.

08/11/2010, Professor Wenquan Tao visits the MAE department at GW.

08/01/2010, Chunlei Liang joins the MAE department at GW as an assistant professor.

06/27/2010 Chunlei Liang participates the CTR summer program at Stanford University.

06/4/2010 Chunlei Liang gives an invited talk in the NA&ME department at University of Michigan.

05/28/2010 Chunlei Liang signs his appointment letter to be an assistant professor of MAE department at the George Washington University.