Ekundayo Shittu

Ekundayo Shittu

Assistant Professor
Address: Off-campus
Science & Engineering Hall
800 22nd St, NW
Phone: 202-994-3574


Professor Ekundayo Shittu's Climate Change, Energy and Economic Decision Modeling Lab conducts applied research that takes a systems approach to address different dimensions of decision making under uncertainty on the economics of energy technology and climate change policies. Current projects include understanding the effects of uncertainty in technological learning on energy capacity additions, investigating how energy firms' investments are shaped by competitive and regulatory pressures, studying the impacts of modularity on firms' outsourcing and investment decisions, evaluating how traditional enforcement and certification can improve a firm's environmental performance, studying how to adequately value renewable energy intermittency and capacity, investigating the role of incumbent inertia in the strategic decision on the adoption of renewable energy, and knowing the best incentive platform for an effective and efficient disaster response system.

Current Research

Economics, finance and cost engineering, Engineering and technology management, Environmental and energy management, Operations research and management science, Systems engineering


Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst